Thursday Strength & Speed Schedule Q1 2018

Below are the details for the Thursday night Hillsborough Strength and Speed sessions through Q1 2018 taking us up until the end March.

Date Session Description
04/01/18 Stars on 45 8 x 45 secs (2 mins walk recovery) [Big loop from swings]
11/01/18 Kenyan Hills 30 mins continuous loop [Floodlit hilly short loop]
18/01/18 Langsett Ave Reverse 6 Efforts (jog recovery) [TOP/back, Airedale/back, Milden/back, Grove/back, Marcliffe/back, Don/back]
25/01/18 Economy Strides 10 x 20 sec bursts (2 mins walk recovery) [Big loop from swings]
01/02/18 Figure of 8 Fartlek 30 mins continuous MP/Tempo [Big loop from swings and floodlit hilly short loop]
08/02/18 Long Hills 5 x 3 mins (jog recovery) [Herries Road]
15/02/18 Short Hills 8 x short hills (jog recovery) [Floodlit hilly short loop]
22/02/18 Oregon Circuits 30 mins continuous loop of drills and running [Floodlit hilly short loop]
01/03/18 Figure of 8 Long and Short 5 x laps (Vo2 and Repetition efforts) (jog recovery) [Big loop from swings & hilly short loop]
08/03/18 Middlewood Hills 7 Efforts (jog recovery) [Carlton, Crofton, Darwin, Harris, Marion, Withens, Rockley]
15/03/18 One dot Three Fartlek 30 minute lapped MP/Tempo Fartlek [Floodlit hilly short loop]
22/03/18 Paarlauf 30 minute paired session (easy recovery) [Big loop from swings]
29/03/18 Dirty Thirties 8 x 30 sec bursts (2 minutes walk recovery) [Big loop from swings]