Striders Road Race Championship

The Striders Road Race Championships for 2017 is a series of 9 nominated races through the year in which club members are competing against others from within the club. Points are gained according to finishing time (see below). Scores throughout the season are kept and updated after each race.

Members compete in the usual gender and age categories; M, F, 40, 50 and 60. Presentations are made to the leading runners in each category at the A.G.M. following the competition. In addition the medals are presented to the leading and second placed runners in each of the various categories.
Road Race Championship 2017

Race No Date Race
1 5th February 2017 Dewsbury 10k
2 5th March 2017 Norton 9 miler
3 19th March 2017 Dronfield 10k
4 9th April 2017 Sheffield half
5 17th May 2017 Askern 10k
6 July 2017 TBC Striders 10k
7 29th July 2017 Meerbrook 15k
8 29th October 2017 Worksop half
9 26th November 2017 TBC Barnsley 10k

All dates have been compiled on a best endeavours basis and will be confirmed nearer the time once the respective organisers have released the details.


The overall winning times in each race for both Male and Females are noted, then your finishing time is compared to that. Bonus points as also awarded for running, the bonus points are 10pts per race. Best 5 race scores through season count (excluding bonus points), ie, ‘half’ the races in the championship.

  • Winning man runs in 1hr dead….. 1:00:00 (this is classed as 100%)
  • Winning Time / Striders Time * 100 gives the Striders time as a percentage against the winning time.
  • Strider A runs 1:05:00 (92.31%, so 92.31 pts)
    Strider B runs 1:10:00 (85.71%, so 85.71 pts)
    Strider C runs 1:15:00 (80.00%, so 80.00 pts)
    Strider D runs 1:20:00 (75.00%, so 75.00 pts)
  • A great thing about this system is that the ladies times are compared against the ladies winning time.
  • We then add bonus points for running each race at 10pts per race to encourage participation

Get Involved

We hope the road race championship will be hugely popular this year and very competitive.  If you only compete in a handful of races this season, make sure these are on your list as they are very popular with Striders.

Be sure to keep an eye out on the website and the clubs Facebook page closer to each race in the championship for more details.

2018 Race Details

Race No Date Race
1 18th February 2018 Liversedge Half
2 18th March 2018 Dronfield 10k
3 8th April 2018 Sheffield half
4 13th May 2018 (TBC) Holymoorside 10k
5 6th July 2018 (TBC) Striders10k
6 12th August 2018 Askern 10 miler
7 30th September 2018 (TBC) Cusworth 10k
8 28th October 2018 (TBC) Worksop half
9 25th November 2018 TBC Barnsley 10k