Chesterfield Marathon & HM Results

This past Sunday it was the debut of the new Chesterfield marathon and half marathon. This new local race wasn’t cheap to enter but it did bring out plenty of people. The marathon was won by Gareth Lowe of Clowne Road Runners in 2:37:45. The results have been posted in a PDF but with clubs missing so if you did the marathon then apologies if I missed you, Michael Twigg did it as a warm up to the Yorkshire Marathon in 4:07. A massive well done to him.

P Name Cat Time
154 Michael Twigg VETM 4:07:02

The half marathon was won by Dave Archer in 1:13:24. The Striders had a presence in the HM with 3 Striders taking part (again results missing club so if I have missed let me know and will get you added). Results can be found on kids for cancer website.

P Name Cat Time
106 Stephen Carford SENM 1:47:12
119 Matt Livesey SENM 1:48:56
188 Alex De Salis SENF 1:55:06
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