Dronfield Relay Teams Announced

Ahead of the Dronfield Relay event on Sunday 13th July, the teams have just been announced.

These having been lovingly arranged based on recent race times by Phil Howson.  So we are all hoping for a blanket finish.

Team A (Captain Ian Keenen)
Colin Hardy
John Ashford
Nichola Ross
Tony Horstead
Ian Keenen
Mir Jansen

Team B (Captain Adrian Moss)
Louis Wood
Steve Atkinson
Helen Davis
Adrian Moss
Andy Green
Tony Rooms

Team C (Captain Simon Wiles)
Alistair Lawson
John Kilcoyne
Ross Drayton
Simon Wiles
Helen Cain
Richard Clamp

Team D (Captain Matt Surgeon)
Jonny Law
Steve Helmore
Nick Portus
Trevor Burton
Vicktoria Hawkins
Matt Surgeon

Team E (Captain Kev Rains)
Dave Palmer
Andrew Davis
Richard Hayes
Jenni Rich
Kev Rains
Nancy Stuart

For more information on the event, see the Dronfield Relay page.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Phil Howson via our Contact Form.

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