Fell Race Championship Update 5

Here’s a snapshot after 5 of the 10 races this seasons Striders Fell Race Championship.

Grindleford being the last result added.

Top 5 Senior Men
1. Alasdair Menmuir, 74pts
2. Steve Frazer, 50pts
3. Steve Clarke, 44pts
4. James Fletcher, 25pts
5= Dean Young, 24pts
5= Richard Hayes, 24pts

Top 5 V40 Men
1. Mick Timm, 109pts
2. Andrew Davies, 100pts
3. Ian Stinson, 82pts
4. Paul Stuart, 67pts
5. Simon Bayliss, 64pts

Top 5 V50 Men
1. Trevor Watson, 75pts
2. Andy Buck, 73pts
3. Ben Helller, 48pts
4. Tony Rooms, 24pts
5. Matt Surgeon, 23pts

Top 4 Senior Women
1. Helen Davies, 50pts
2. Jeni Pitkin, 47pts
3. Alison Barrett, 25pts
4. Katie Rockliff, 24pts

Top V40 Women
1. Helen Calder, 25pts

View the full spreadsheet of results.

Remember, we are also trialling an alternate scoring system that may or may not come into play next season. Be sure to check out the ‘TRIAL’ tabs to see how this season’s result are faring under that system.

Next event in the Fell Championship is Bamford Carnival on Wednesday 16th July.

Any queries of discrepancies with either the Road or the Fell Championship scoring, please contact the Webmaster via the Contact Form

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