Grindleford Fell Race Result

Thursday night was the scene of the Grindleford fell race. This was a counter in this years Club Fell Championship and it was a great turn out by club members. The club was led home by Andrew Davies and the race was won by Robert Little of Dark Peak in a time of 32:10. The first female was Zanthe Wray who won in 37:36.

There were 302 finishers.

The results can be viewed on the Grindleford Fell Race website.

P Name Cat Time
20 Andrew Davies MV40 36:07
28 Mark Gray MV40 37:28
31 Steve Fraser MSEN 37:44
50 Trevor Watson MV50 39:14
57 Ian Stinson MV40 39:37
62 Andy Buck MV40 40:03
64 Michael Timm MV40 40:08
67 Simon Bayliss MV40 40:25
94 Ben Heller MV50 42:15
97 Richard Hayes MSEN 42:23
117 David Perkins MSEN 43:22
159 Helen Davis FSEN 46:05
161 John Rawlinson MV40 46:08
173 Adrian Moss MV50 46:55
181 Wayne Forster MSEN 47:32
185 Mattthew Livesey MSEN 47:46
197 Andy Green MV40 49:18
198 Anthony Rooms MV60 49:23
225 Richard Clamp MV40 51:02
234 Alexandria De Salis FSEN 53:00
236 Matthew Surgeon MV50 53:08
238 Nicola Ross FSEN 53:23
253 Carol Beattie FV60 54:51
A good turnout of Steel City Striders at the Grindleford fell race.

A good turnout of Steel City Striders at the Grindleford fell race.

Richard Hayes, Steel City Strider, running.

Richard Hayes after enjoying the first of Grindleford’s stream crossings.

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