London Marathon Result


A wonderful day in the capital for the 10 Striders that were lucky enough to run the London Marathon.  Some amazing performances and PBs to boot.  Well done all.

Position Name Age Category Time
1,019 Alastair Lawson Senior Male 02:56:55
1,507 Nick Scott M Vet O/45 03:01:21
2,241 Louis Wood Senior Male 03:09:31
3,807 Ben Heller M Vet O/50 03:22:19
5,027 Phil Howson M Vet O/45 03:29:47
5,268 John Marples M Vet O/50 03:31:11
7,613 Mir Jansen F Vet O/45 03:44:03
11,163 Mary Picksley 12th F Vet O/60 03:57:55
15,612 Richard Clamp M Vet O/40 04:16:41
22,030 Tony Rooms M Vet O/55 04:43:41
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