Long Distance Strider Update 1

May has been a very busy month for many Striders and it has certainly kept me busy keeping the LDS Championship up to date. As of 30th April Andy Buck was leading the way in the mens category with 271.9km/170M covered and he added a further 80.3km/50.3m in May, including running Jura and it brings his total up to 352.2km/220.3m up to the 1st of June.

However he isn’t having it all his own way with the chasing pack all putting in the miles in May and last years champion Paul Stuart has been very active as he raced 8 times in May and added a further 93km/57.7m to his total and it brings him up to 196km/122.5m and into the top 10.

James Fletcher though hold onto second place with a total of 254.6km/159.1m with Andy Davis having another strong month in 2nd place just over 7km behind him. Richard Pegg is up to 4th with another good month of running including the Berlin HM, his total stands at 230.4km/144.0m, May saw me dropped from 3rd to 5th place, even though I raced 5 times, my current total stands at 210.5km/131.5m. Hot on my heals is Phil Howson who was having a fab month until a hamstring cost him a few races towards the end and 2010 champion Adrian Moss with 201.6km/126m. Also honorary mention to new member David Perkins who recently swapped clubs and is certainly on a mission to catch up and is cursing not joining early as his early year results don’t count.

At the bottom is the top 10 men up to the 1st of June.

In the ladies championship 8 time champion Carol Beattie cemented her strangle hold on 1st place by adding another 18km to her total that now stands at 132.4km/82.8m. However hot on her heals are both Helen Davis in 2nd place with a total of 115.5km/72.2m and Jennifer Rich in 3rd with a total of 106.4km/66.5m.

Jeni Pitkin moved up to 4th place and now has a total of 97.9km/61.2m after adding an impressive 36km/22.3 miles in May. Up to forth is Dawn Jackson with 91.0km/56.3. Last months 4th place Hannah Milton drops to 7th due to not running in May but in the top 10 now are Alison Barrett, Helen Cain, Nicola Ross and Emily Hunt who all had equally good months.

Lets hope both championships stay this interesting in June. Some interesting facts for you, in the mens championship no male has retained or won more then 1 LDS Title, yet in the ladies Carol Beattie is an 8 time champion, is 2014 the year that both these records are broken. Remember everyone has a chance all you got to do is race.

Here is the current 10 top in both Mens & Ladies Championships:

Pos Men Women
1 Andy Buck 352.5km/220.3m Carol Beattie 132.4km/82.4m
2 James Fletcher 254.6km/159.1m Helen Davis 115.5km/72.2m
3 Andy Davis 246.9km/154.3m Jennifer Rich 106.4km/66.5m
4 Richard Pegg 230.4km/144.0m Jeni Pitkin 97.9km/61.2m
5 Richard Hayes 210.5km/131.5m Dawn Jackson 91.0km/56.3m
6 Phil Howson 202.7km/126.7m Alison Barrett 69.8km/43.6m
7 Adrian Moss 201.6km/126m Hannah Milton 69.0km/143.1m
8 Paul Stuart 196km/122.5m Emily Hunt 58km/36.3m
9 David Hewitt 154.6km/96.7m Helen Cain 57.6km/36m
10 Ben Heller 145.3km/90.8m Nicola Ross 53km/33.1m
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