Long Distance Strider Update 2

June was another busy month of racing and you all kept me pretty busy keeping the Long distance strider championship up to date. Below you will find the top 10 for both the mens and ladies championships. If I’ve missed any results or you have any issues please use contact page to get in touch.

In the mens championship, Andy Buck increased his lead at the top with over 80kms since the last update. Andy Davies is not only tearing up the V40 categories when racing but has taken over 2nd place with another 64km added to his overall total.

Up to third is Richard Pegg with another 50km’s of racing under his belt, up to forth is last seasons champion Paul Stuart and he is only 6km behind Richard Pegg in 3rd place. Adrian Moss has jumped into the top 5 with another solid moth of racing, he leap frogs Richard Hayes who drops to 6, with Adrian having run 0.6km further. Last months 2nd place James Fletcher drops down to 7th due to no racing in June. He has Phil Howson chasing him in 8th place and only 3km’s behind. Into the top 10 for first time this year is newcomer David Perkins in 9th and Richard Clamp in 10th. Both David Hewitt and Ben Heller drop out.

In the ladies championship the top 3 stay the same with all 3 ladies all putting in the miles, with Carol Beattie still leading the way on 155.9km’s and Helen Davis chasing her in 2nd place with 135.5km’s, just behind Helen is Jennifer Rich on 133km’s. Dawn Jackson swapped places with Jeni Pitkin with less then 2km’s separating them.

Up to 6th is Emily Hunt after another great month and into the top 10 for first time this year is Ania Gruszczynska and I expect she will be pushing for the top 5 later in the year. Alison Barrett drops two places to 8th and Hannah Milton drops to 9th despite being back in action after a period of no racing, Nicola Ross holds on to 10th place. Dropping out of the top 10 is Helen Cain.

For those wanting to check the raw data, I have uploaded the latest spreadsheet to website, feel free to download it and check your races and distances.

Here is the current 10 top in both Mens & Ladies Championships:

Pos Men Women
1 Andy Buck 440.7km/275.5m Carol Beattie 155.9km/97.4m
2 Andy Davies 310.9km/194.3m Helen Davis 135.5km/84.7m
3 Richard Pegg 281.4km/175.9m Jennifer Rich 133.0km/83.1m
4 Paul Stuart 275.4km/172.1m Dawn Jackson 115.1km/71.9m
5 Adrian Moss 271.1km/169.4m Jeni Pitkin 113.5km/70.9m
6 Richard Hayes 270.5km/169.1m Emily Hunt 94.6km/59.1m
7 James Fletcher 254.6km/159.1m Ania Gruszczynska 84.0km/52.5m
8 Phil Howson 251.9km/157.4m Alison Barrett 79.6km/49.8m
9 David Perkins 204.8km/172.1m Hannah Milton 79.0km/49.4m
10 Richard Clamp 184.3km/115.2m Nicola Ross 76.53km/47.8m
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