Long Distance Strider Update 3

Sorry it’s a bit late this month but had to wait for two fell results to come in, not that it made much differing in the big picture.

First the mens championship, there is no change in the top two with Andy Buck still leading the way with 518.6km (324.1m) with Andy Davies following in second with 454.4km (287.7m). Paul Stuart has moved in to 3rd position now with 423.1km (264.4m), it will be interesting in August to see if Andy can hold off Paul. Up to 4th now is David Perkins 338.3km (211.5m) who has made it is mission to chase down the top 3.

Richard Pegg drops down to 7th place after having a quiet month in front of him is Phil Howson who jumps up to 5th from 8th. Adrian Moss drops 1 place down to 7th and I continue my free fall by dropping 2 places down to 8th as I only raced once in July. Making up the top 10 is James Fletcher and Richard Clamp respectively. As the championship enters the 8th month it is still a very open mens championship, who is your money on?

In the ladies championship Carol Beattie continues to control it with 207.9km (129.9m), however the biggest mover this month is Ania Gruszczynska who jumps up to 2nd after a very strong month running a marathon and an ultra putting her only 10 miles behind Carol. Down to 3rd is Helen Davis 161.5km (100.9m), Jeni Pitkin is 4th and is followed closely by Jennifer Rich 141.1km (88.1m) who is deep in marathon training.

In 6th place is Dawn Jackson and in 7th place is Emily Hunt, in at number 8 is Mary Craig with 87.5km (54.7m) up to 9th is Nicola Ros. Making up the top 10 is Alison Barrett. Hannah Milton drops out after we amended her results.

Again you can see the raw spreadsheet I use and if anything is wrong or data missing please email via the contact page.

Here is the current 10 top in both Mens & Ladies Championships:

Pos Men Women
1 Andy Buck 518.6km/324.1m Carol Beattie 207.9km/129.9m
2 Andy Davies 454km/282.7.6m Ania Gruszczynska 175.9m/109.9m
3 Paul Stuart 423.1km/264.4m Helen Davis 161.5km/100.9m
4 David Perkins 338.3km/211.5m Jeni Pitkin 143.5km/87.7m
5 Phil Howson 333.9km/208.7m Jennifer Rich 141km/88.1m
6 Adrian Moss 322.4km/201.5m Dawn Jackson 137.2km/85.7m
7 Richard Pegg 318.5km/199.1m Emily Hunt 94.6km/59.1m
8 Richard Hayes 299.5km/187.2m Mary Craig 87.5km/54.7m
9 James Fletcher 296.6km/185.4m Nicola Ross 84.5km/52.6m
10 Richard Clamp 239.5km/149.7m Alison Barrett 79.6km/49.8m
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