Long Distance Strider Update 4

Firstly sorry that I’ve not updated since start of August. This was due to too many missing results in August and me starting a new job. I think I have 99% of results (still require a list of the Striders who did the Sheffield Way Relay) in now so I can now update you on how the championship is going. Since the last update we have seen Striders take part in nearly 50 races.

So to the mens championship in the last update we had Andy Buck leading with Andy Davies in 2nd followed closely by Paul Stuart and David Perkins. Well I can now announce we have a new leader! by just 0.2 of a mile and that is one Andrew Davies who has now clocked up 594.3 racing KM. Andy Buck drops to 2nd on 594.2 KM. Paul Stuart has now closed the game between the top 2 and himself as he now sits on 585.4m.

David Perkins stays 4th on 524.2 KM, up to 5th is Adrian Moss, down to 6th is Phil Howson. Followed by Richard Pegg and myself in 7th & 8th place respectively. In 9th is James Fletcher and into the top 10 comes Ben Heller after completing the Sheffield Way Ultra, dropping out is Richard Clamp and a mention goes to John Rawlinson who is in 12th place.

So onto the ladies, last time out Carol Beattie still held a tight grip on the championship, well that has all changed as Ania Gruszczynska has sailed into the lead with not one but two Ultras and two marathons since start of August putting here on 407.9km. Carol now drops to 2nd on 265.9 could this be the year we see a new ladies long distance striders champion?

Up to 3rd is Jennifer Rich after her Berlin marathon, 4th is Dawn Jackson. Down to 5th is Jenni Pitkin and 6th is Helen Davies. It then gets tight from 7th down to 12th with several ladies all competing for a top 10 finish. &th is Emily Hunt, 8th is Mary Craig, 9th is Nicola Ross and 10th is Jessica Brown. Dropping out is Alison Barrett and just behind Jessica is Emma Portus and Nancy Stuart.

Again I still need to imput the Sheffield Way Relay results and please download and check the spreadsheet and let me know via email if there are any missing results or errors and will correct ASAP. You can download the latest copy via this dropbox link

Here is the current 10 top in both Mens & Ladies Championships:

Pos Men Women
1 Andy Davies 594.5km/371.6m Ania Gruszczynska 407.9km/255m
2 Andy Buck 594.2km/371.4m Carol Beattie 265.9km/166.2m
3 Paul Stuart 585.4km/365.9m Jennifer Rich 209.1km/130.7m
4 David Perkins 524.2km/327.6m Dawn Jackson 196.5km/122.8m
5 Adrian Moss 438.6km/274.1m Jenni Pitkin 185.7km/116.1m
6 Phil Howson 413.8km/258.6m Helen Davies 171.5km/107.2m
7 Richard Pegg 361.6km/226m Emily Hunt 131.7km/82.3m
8 Richard Hayes 351.6km/219.8m Mary Craig 103.6km/64.7m
9 James Fletcher 338.6km/211.6m Nicola Ross 100.6km/62.9m
10 Ben Heller 286.7km/179.2m Jessica Brown 99.4km/62.1m
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