Long Distance Strider Update 5

We are into the business end of the championship now, with just the rest of November and December to go. The latest update includes all races up to 3rd of November (that I’m aware of). Please note I am still waiting for the full list of who run in the Round Sheffield Relay, the actual distances covered in the fell relays and who ran at the Wentworth XC race. These will be added soon as the information is known.

So the mens championship. Last month Andy Davies took the lead from Andy Buck but only just, with Paul Stuart and David Perkins chasing them. The current leader just is Andy Buck who scrapes back into the lead by 0.3 of a mile over Andy Davies (although that will change once above data is known). Paul Stuart is now only 7 miles behind the top 2 has he looks to be the first male Strider to retain the title.

David Perkins stays 4th despite a very quiet month by his standards, Adrian Moss stays 5th and Richard Pegg leap frogs Phil Howson into 6th place. The rest of the top 10 remains unchanged. Quick mention to John Rawlinson who is just 5 miles from breaking into the top 10.

On to the ladies and the top 10 remains pretty much the same with only Alex De Salis jumping into top 10 for first time and Jessica Brown dropping out.

Ania Gruszczynska stays top despite a month of no racing due to the big lead she has built, however Carol won’t go down without a fight and has been busy putting in the miles. Jen Rich drops down from 3rd to 6th due to a quiet month after her marathon. Up to 3rd goes the ever active Dawn Jackson, followed closely by Jeni Pitkin and Helen Davis.

Emily Hunt remains 7th, followed Mary Craig in 8th and by new entrant Alex De Salis in 9th. Nicola Ross makes up the top 10.

The mens championship is a 3 horse race in reality unless something major happens to one of the top 3 between now and the end. Ania has all but the ladies championship secured unless Carol can make the most of the last 7 weekends of racing.

You can check the raw data here and if any races are missing please get in touch.

Here is the current 10 top in both mens and ladies Championships:

Pos Men Women
1 Andy Buck 680.4km/425.3m Ania Gruszczynska 407.9km/255m
2 Andy Davies 680km/425m Carol Beattie 289.4km/180.9m
3 Paul Stuart 669.4km/418.4m Dawn Jackson 235.5km/147.2m
4 David Perkins 553.2km/345/7m Jeni Pitkin 225.2km/140.7m
5 Adrian Moss 501.6km/313/m Helen Davies 211km/131.9m/td>
6 Richard Pegg 424.9km/265.5m Jennifer Rich 209.1km/130.7m
7 Phil Howson 413.8km/258.6m Emily Hunt 158.7km/99.2m
8 Richard Hayes 393.6km/246m Mary Craig 137.8km/86.1m
9 James Fletcher 338.6km/211/6m Alex De Salis 129.1km/80.7m
10 Ben Heller 310.9km/157.2 Nicola Ross 127.6km/79.8m
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