Percy Pud Pacers

After the success of last year we will be supplying pacers again within the race.

We will have people running sub 40 minutes, sub 45, sub 50, sub 55, sub 60 and sub 65 minutes to help you get under those times and achieve your PBs.

Keep an eye out for the pacers before the start of the race, you should be able to spot them in bright yellow pacer t-shirts.

Hopefully the pacers can also ensure that people are somewhere around the correct place at the start of the race.  There is no point being stood near the 40 minute pacer if you are a 60 minute 10k racer as you’ll probably get trampled at the start by the faster runners.

We hope the pacers can help you achieve your PB and after the race we will be keen to hear how the pacers worked.

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