Road Championship Update 11 of 15

Here’s a snapshot after 11 of the 15 races this season’s Striders Road Race Championship.

Askern 10 Mile being the latest scoring race.

Top 2 places in each category win a prize at the end of the season.

Top 5 Senior Men
1. James Fulcher, 150pts
2. Louis Wood, 143pts
3. Colin Hardy, 125pts
4. Nick Portus, 118pts
5. Craig Shaw, 110pts

Top 5 V40 Men
1. Andrew Davies, 137pts
2. Mick Wall, 131pts
3. Phil Palmer, 130pts
4. Simon Bennett, 121pts
5. Stephen Atkinson, 108pts

Top 5 V50 Men
1. Andy Buck, 150pts
2. Richard Pegg, 141pts
3. Adrian Moss, 135pts
4. Trevor Burton, 121pts
5. Peter Brown, 95pts

Top 5 V60 Men
1. David Hewitt, 124pts
2. Luigi Cazzato, 70pts
3. Barry Gyte, 50pts
4. Paul Bland, 25pts
5. Richard Binks, 23pts

Top 5 Senior Women
1. Nicola Ross, 134pts
2. Jennifer Rich, 123pts
3. Emily Hunt, 116pts
4. Helen Cain, 77pts
5. Hannah Helmore, 75pts

Top 5 V40 Women
1. Rachel Smith, 121pts
2. Diana Ross, 75pts
3. Maggie Holdsworth, 67pts
4. Victoria Hawkins, 49pts
5. Dareen Maher, 25pts

Top 3 V50 Women
1. Dawn Jackson, 149pts
2. Stephanie Street, 50pts
3. Liz Robinson, 25pts

Top 3 V60 Women
1. Carol Beattie, 150pts
2. Mary Craig, 147pts
3. Mary Howarth, 24pts

View the full spreadsheet of results.

Remember, we are also trialing an alternate scoring system that may or may not come into play next season. Be sure to check out the ‘TRIAL’ tabs on the spreadsheet to see how this season’s result are faring under that system. Especially as we are at the business end where the trialed bonus points come into play.

Next race in the Road Championship is the Cusworth 10k on Sunday 5th October 2014.

Any queries of discrepancies with either the Road or the Fell Championship scoring, please contact the Webmaster via the Contact Form

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