Summer Road Speed Schedule

Below is the schedule for the Tuesday night Road Speed training through the early part of the summer.

Date Session Details of Session
08-Apr-14 Long Reps 5 x 4 Min’s, 2 Min’s Jog recovery
15-Apr-14 Hills 10-12 x 1 min hills (jog back recovery)
22-Apr-14 Fartlek 1 or 2 Circuits near the park
29-Apr-14 Mixed reps Bannerdale 400m, 100m Jog, 200m, 200m Jog x 6, Longer recovery after 3rd rep
06-May-14 Track in the Park 10 x 300m (100m walk recovery)
13-May-14 Pyramid 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 mins, 1 min recovery
20-May-14 Turnarounds in the park 10 x 100m x 3
27-May-14 Paarlauf 20 min Paarlauf + 1 Mile TT
03-Jun-14 Accelerator 1.5, 1mile, 1000m, 500m, 300m,200m
10-Jun-14 HIIT 8 x 20 seconds, 20 seconds rest
17-Jun-14 Hills 10-12 x 1 min hills (jog back recovery)
24-Jun-14 Dam Flask Relays One long rep at high bradfield
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