SYCAA Cross Country Fixture 1, Spinkhill Result

Race Date: Sunday 12th October 2014

In weather more akin to August than October, a strong Striders presence descended on Mount St Mary College, Spinkhill for the first of four fixtures in the SYCAA Cross Country season.

127 runners contested the ladies race with Robyn Lancely of Rotherham Harriers & AC coming home first in 19:30.  177 men took to the grass in their race and Steve Bayton from University of Sheffield the first home in 28:51.

The men’s course was supposed to be 8000m (4 x 2000m laps) but most people recorded around 8.7km on their watches.  Something certainly went awry there.

Brilliant running from all Striders and we hope to see everyone at the next event at Wentworth Castle on Sunday 26th October.  Remember, entry is free for Striders members, see the dedicated Cross Country page for more details.

Striders Ladies

P Name Cat Time
22 Claire Prosser F 22:14
24 Sian Evans F 22:19
29 Emily Hunt F 22:27
51 Nicola Ross F 23:56
77 Carol Beattie F50 25:54
85 Helen Cain F 26:57
114 Rachel Smith F40 30:10

Striders Men

P Name Cat Time
54 Louis Wood M 34:01
82 Michael Slater M40 35:22
88 Colin Hardy M 35:44
89 Nick Scott M40 35:46
94 David Perkins M 36:14
101 Andy Buck M50 36:47
106 Sam Brown M 37:12
114 Mick Wall M40 37:46
122 Ian Stinson M40 37:59
124 Nat Smith M 38:21
140 Stephen Atkinson M40 39:05
156 Pete Brown M50 40:40
159 Nick Portus M 41:06
167 Dave Beech M50 41:39
170 Chris Hodson M40 42:21

Full result available from the SYCAA Cross Country page on their website

Striders Ladies, Spinkhill

Striders Ladies, Spinkhill


Striders Men, Spinkhill

Striders Men, Spinkhill

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