Trunce 9 and end of season results

Race Date: Monday 8th September 2014

Sadly the Trunce season has come to and end with the ninth and final race of the campaign. 291 runners took part last night; 23 juniors and 268 seniors.

Despite wearing a Peter Pan outfit complete with girls tights, Tom Saville won the race in 24:25. With the first lady home Ellie Crownshaw (fancy dress outfit unknown) winning in 30:54.

Yes, at the final Trunce of the season fancy dress is actively encouraged and Striders didn’t let us down. Cows, Tigers, Hawaiian outfits, Charlie Chaplin and Wonder Woman were all there. Great effort everyone.

The costumes must have slowed us all down though as only Craig Shaw managed a PB out of the 12 Striders who ran.

P Name Category Time
14 Craig Shaw Male 00:28:29
50 Mick Wall Vet Male 00:31:55
77 David Perkins Male 00:34:23
91 Stuart Jones Vet Male 50 00:36:02
126 Richard Pegg Vet Male 60 00:38:58
145 Matt Livesey Male 00:40:32
146 Andy Green Vet Male 00:40:36
164 Alex De Salis Female 00:42:28
172 Richard Clamp Vet Male 00:43:24
180 Dawn Jackson Vet Female 50 00:44:35
183 Anthony Rooms Vet Male 50 00:44:56
212 John Walker Vet Male 50 00:47:08

Seasonal Results

The Trunce season is 9 races long and you pick up points for every race and tables are updated in each age category.

So big kudos to Andrew Davies, Mick Wall and Dawn Jackson for seasonal top ten finishes.

Andrew and Mick finished 6th and 8th respectively in the Vet Male category. With Dawn Jackson posting a highly commendable 6th place finish in the V50 category.

So that’s it for the Trunce, roll on March next year when it all starts again.

Trunce 9 Fancy Dress

Trunce 9 Fancy Dress

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