Yorkshireman Offroad Marathon Result

The Yorkshireman Offroad Marathon took place this past weekend, the race is organised by Keighley & Craven AC. The race was originally a pairs marathon but this year accepted solo entrants. The race was won by Shaun Wilkinson from Keighley & Craven AC in 3:20:37. The race covers open moorland & the highest point in West Yorkshire and our very own Alasdair Menmuir took part in the race finishing 45th with a time of 4:25:04.

Full results can be found on the Keighley & Craven AC website

P Name Cat Time
45 Alasdair Menmuir SENM 4:25:04
Alasdair Menmuir in action

Alasdair Menmuir in action

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