Bamford Carnival fell race result

Race Date: Wednesday 15th July 2015

A lovely sunny evening attracted 238 runners, including 25 Striders, to this 4.5 mile Bamford Carnival fell race. The website describes the race as thus:

The course is 4½ miles long with just over 1000’ of climb. Start from the Recreation Ground go along Water Lane to Thornhill Lane where you turn right before climbing up to the hamlet of Thornhill. In the middle of Thornhill you turn left followed by a right 200 metres later up Townhead Lane. Follow this track up through some woods to the triangle at the boundary of the open countryside. After a short steep ascent the course level out and cuts across to Parkin Clough where it turns left for the final steep climb to the top of Win Hill. After admiring the views over Ladybower Reservoir continue about 100m before turning sharply left and return to Thornhill over the fields. In the middle of Thornhill follow the narrow footpath by the side of Barleylands to return to Bamford Recreation Ground.

I would certainly agree with this description and on this evening, the views of Ladybower were indeed stunning. The regular  ‘Striders’ funnel’ was there at the end and it continually encouraged runners to sprint across the finish line . There was a good catch up of post run stories on the playing field whilst Striders’ tucked into what Andy Davies described as ‘overpriced cake!’ Overall, a great race with a superb Striders turnout. Well done to all.

The race was won by Steven Frankin of Totley AC in 29.57. First lady home was Hazel Tant, also of Totley AC, in 35.47.

Striders’ Results

Pos Name Cat Time
25 Andy Davies MV40-49 34.36
45 Andy Buck MV50-59 37.08
47 Colin Hardy M19-39 37.10
52 Ian Stinson MV40-49 37.28
59 Phil Howson MV40-49 37.57
84 Simon Wiles MV40-49 39.24
90 Ben Heller MV50-59 39.49
92 John Rawlinson MV40-49 39.55
93 Steve Haake MV50-59 39.56
97 Joe Buckman M19-39 40.15
109 Nick Burns MV40-49 40.41
112 Richard Sayers M19-39 40.54
119 Darren Mayer MV40-49 41.08
130 Tom McCait M19-39 41.38
132 Jimmy Sharman M19-39 41.47
138 Steven Doherty M19-39 42.10
143 Chris Hodson MV40-49 42.24
161 Alex Arblaster M19-39 43.35
163 Richard Garton MV50-59 43.37
176 Rio Cooper F19-39 45.09
188 Nicola Ross F19-39 46.04
190 Victoria Hawkins FV40-49 46.40
201 John Walker MV50-59 48.12
202 Laura Fletcher F19-39 48.16
215 Jill Davies FV50-59 50.21

Official Results: Bamford Carnival fell race results


 Great Striders’ turn out at Bamford
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