Bradwell Fell Race Result

Race Date: Tuesday 4th August 2015

First off, race organiser Al Ward asked me to thank all Striders for their continued support of the race.  So there, I did, well done everyone. 🙂

There were 111 finishers of which 19 were Striders.

The race was won by Stuart Bond of Dark Peak in time of 23:52, with Zoe Procter of Pennine Fell Racers the first lady home in 30:15.

Congratulations to Andy Davies, Carol Beattie and Jill Davies who were all winners in their respective categories.

P Name Cat Time
9 Steve Fraser MS 00:28:37
12 Andrew Davies MV45 00:28:56
13 Alasdair Menmuir MS 00:29:23
15 Paul V Stuart MV45 00:29:37
25 David Perkins MV40 00:31:13
35 Steve Clarke MS 00:32:23
44 Steve Haake MV50 00:33:26
48 Jimmy Sharman MS 00:33:54
49 Thomas Mccart MS 00:33:55
63 Trevor Burton MV55 00:35:29
70 Anthony Horstead MS 00:36:28
74 Alexander Arblaster MS 00:36:52
76 Helen Davis FS 00:37:07
83 Nathan Hoyland MS 00:38:28
87 Victoria Hawkins FV45 00:39:33
88 Carol Beattie FV60 00:39:41
92 Jill Davies FV55 00:41:49
103 Bland Quigley MV40 00:45:13
104 Nancy Stuart FS 00:45:27

I have uploaded the full result spreadsheet onto our site which can be downloaded here [Excel 2MB].  This is because it came direct from the organiser and i’m not aware its available elsewhere yet.  So feel free to help yourself.

Striders at Bradwell Fell Race 2015

Striders at Bradwell Fell Race 2015


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