Dam Flask Relays Result

Race Date: Tuesday 30th June 2015

Hot, sticky, warm, toastie….. no, not your average greasy fry up, but the conditions around Dam Flask last night for the annual SYCAA relay race.

Firstly, a big thank you to the organisers for last night. Not an easy task to arrange everyone, take the times, ensure the relays and changeovers went ok, organise the traffic etc etc. Especially with such a high turnout on a really hot and taxing evening. And the icing on the cake to then turn around the results so quickly.

Many thanks from Steel City Striders.

So much info provided, not sure where to start.

2nd placed ladies; Jennifer Rich, Hannah Helmore and Kate Wilkinson

2nd placed ladies; Jennifer Rich, Hannah Helmore and Kate Wilkinson

Lets start with the big news of the night, the fantastic performance of Jennifer Rich, Hannah Helmore and Kate Wilkinson to clinch 2nd place overall in the Ladies competition.

Us and Hallamshire were looking very much par for par and it was amazingly tight until the final leg until Hallamshire’s Nicola Squires put the race out of our reach by running almost 90 seconds quicker than anyone else on the night.

Hallamshire won in 66:49, us in 68:56 with Sheffield RC in 69:35.

A brilliant performance from our ladies that we are all very proud of.

Full Striders ladies performances listed below including a great 11th place finish for Emily Hunt, Nicola Ross and Sian Evans in 76:10.


Pos Time Cat Leg A Leg B Leg C
2 68:56 F Hannah Helmore 22:12 Jennifer Rich 23:11 Kate Wilkinson 23:33
11 76:10 F Emily Hunt 25:12 Nicola Ross 26:08 Sian Evans 24:50
31 86:19 F Amy Duck 27:23 Lucy Smith 28:46 Laura  Fletcher 30:10
41 89:20 F45 Mary Craig 28:51 Victoria Hawkins 30:01 Catherine McKeown 30:28

And here are the rankings  in the top 50 ladies times on the night.  As you can see, not sure how much more Jennifer, Hannah and Kate could have done?

P Num Name Club Cat Leg Time
1 135 Nicola Squires Hallamshire Harriers F C 21:05
2 170 Fiona Davies Kingston F35 C 21:22
3 114 Hannah Helmore Steel City Striders F A 22:12
4 135 Hannah Fletcher Hallamshire Harriers F A 22:19
5 161 Jenny Blizard Rotherham Harriers F A 22:33
9 114 Jennifer Rich Steel City Striders F B 23:11
13 114 Kate Wilkinson Steel City Striders F C 23:33
26 115 Sian Evans Steel City Striders F C 24:50
33 115 Emily Hunt Steel City Striders F A 25:12
50 115 Nicola Ross Steel City Striders F B 26:08

Hallamshire have got some real strength in depth as they also provided the 5th best team too, their V40 team. In the mens competition Hallamshire Harriers also took first spot with their foursome winning in 73:54 from Sheffield RC (78:16) and Hallamshire B (79:51)

So for our senior men to finish 7th overall in 83:26 was a cracking performance.  Well done to Ben Jones, Sam Needham, Craig Shaw and James Rose.

In the V40 category, as mentioned above, Hallamshire took the honours in 82:15 followed by Penistone (83:39), and Barnsley AC (84:46).

Our top team of Michael Greer, Andy Davies, Simon Bennett and Paul Stuart managed a highly credible 5th place finish in 87:49.  Great stuff.

Mens V50 category seemed to go unnoticed in the official prizes which was a shame as our M50 came 2nd in 93:01.

Pos Time Cat Leg A Leg B Leg C Leg D
7 83:26 M Ben Jones 20:56 Sam Needham 21:14 Craig Shaw 21:17 James Rose 19:59
17 87:49 M40 Michael Greer 21:51 Andrew Davies 21:52 Simon Bennett 21:32 Paul Stuart 22:34
18 89:03 M Jonathan Taylor 21:58 John Kilcoyne 22:25 Colin Hardy 22:25 Austen Puleson 22:15
29 93:01 M50 Michael Savage 21:14 Ben Heller 24:00 Peter Brown 24:37 Andy Buck 23:10
36 94:22 M40 John Rawlinson 23:48 John Armitage 23:58 Kevin Sibley 23:13 David Perkins 23:23
40 96:40 Mix Edward Startup 22:28 Nick Burns 24:01 Ashleigh Barron 27:08 Martyn  Goldsack 23:03
45 98:11 M Jorge  Bronze 22:13 William Brown 29:22 Richard Slater 24:11 Alastair Menmuir 22:25
60 108:43 M40 Roger Watson 27:21 Michael Squires 29:22 Chris Hodson 26:55 Steve Irvine 25:05
62 110:01 M Richard Sands 24:54 Luis Bastidas 33:53 Tom Nuttgens 27:12 Stuart Carrick 24:02
68 115:51 Mix Andrew Woffindin 27:05 Steve Frith 26:33 Lisi Von Aster 32:45 John Maples 29:28
69 116:36 Mix Ruth  Kaiser 37:07 Anthony Horstead 26:17 James Sharman 25:34 Alex Arblaster 27:38

Snapshot of the Top 50 men table

P Num Name Club Cat Leg Time
1 28 Dave Archer Hallamshire Harriers M A 17:50
2 28 Gavin Keight Hallamshire Harriers M D 18:33
3 28 Tom Bains Hallamshire Harriers M B 18:41
4 1 Will Beauchamp Sheffield RC M B 18:49
5 28 Connor Milnes Hallamshire Harriers M C 18:50
16 61 James Rose Steel City Striders M D 19:59
37 61 Ben Jones Steel City Striders M A 20:56

Full results, including breakdowns for teams, top 50, prizes and individual legs available for download from the Sheffield RC website.

So all in all, some wonderful performances, a cracking night’s racing, fantastic organisation and a WHOPPING Strider’s turnout.  Brilliant.

Dam Flask Relays 2015

Dam Flask Relays 2015

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