Guiseley Gallop 10k Result

Well it was warm and summery for a change this weekend, and certified raceaholic Dave Perkins is not one to pass up an opportunity to race.

Guiseley Gallop is a trail/cross country event organised by Skyrac Athletics Club. Our Dave came in 100th out of 615 runners (which was a record apparently).

I’ll let Dave fill you in, in his own words:

I made a late decision in the morning to do the race. Arrived the other side of Leeds with 8 minutes to spare. Whipped off my trackie bottoms and ran to the marshalls to enter. Then jogged to the start which is about a quarter of a mile away. Down some very muddy fields.

I overheard another late runner saying it’s going to be hard work running up here at the end. ‘Oh no I have fetched the wrong shoes’ I thought. Finally I arrived at the start to find approximately 600 runners ahead of me. No sooner do I get there and we’re off.

First a muddy section through woods, some deep puddles – no space to dodge them. After a mile and a half there’s a long straight by the canal, which lasts for another mile or so. Then a road section passing Emmerdale’s Wool Pack – sorry Seth, no time for a pint! Then back through the woods, to a couple of testing hills.

Back towards the start, up the very muddy fields and the finish, where a finishers’ bottle of beer awaits. In summary, it’s my type of race; club runner dominated, a good mix of everything chucked at you. I will be back.

It was won by Frank Beresford of Otley AC in the men’s race (00:36:08) and Susan Smith of Hyde Park Harriers in the women’s (00:40:59).

Full results can be found on the UK Results website.

P Name Cat Time
100 Dave Perkins M 00:46:47
Guisley Gallop 10k

Dave with Finisher’s Booze (we assume!)


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