Long Distance Strider 2014 Championship Results

Happy new year all. 2014 was a massive year for the Long Distance Striders championship, with the club bigger then ever meaning more people took part that ever before and the good part about this championship, all you had to do is enter a race, as it was all about the race miles!

Up till mid November in the mens championship it was a 3 way battle for top spot between Andy Buck, Andy Davies and last years winner Paul Stuart, no man has ever retained the LDS Championship. You can see past winners here. In the end Andy Buck pulled out all stops and ran in all weathers to win with 511.1 racing miles clocked. In 2nd place was Paul Stuart with 465.6 miles which would have been enough to win in previous years. In 3rd place was Andy Davies with 447.5. The top 10 table is below and a full spreadsheet of results is linked below.

In the ladies championship Carol Beattie had won it every year since it was started way back in 2006 and Carol was long time leader this year clocking up 212.3 miles in 2014. However this year Ania Gruszczynska became the new ladies champion with 255 racing miles, thanks in most parts to her marathon and ultra racing! Well done to Ana.

The slate is now clean and the championship starts from ZERO. As before all you need to do is enter a running race, be it on the track, road, trail or fell. Once you have done it email me (richhayes[at]talktalk.net) with a link to the official results. Please note parkruns don’t count.

Here is the current 10 top in both mens and ladies Championships and here is the final raw results spreadsheet.

Pos Men Women
1 Andy Buck 817.8km/511.1m Ania Gruszczynska 407.9km/255m
2 Paul Stuart 745km/465.6m Carol Beattie 339.7km/212.3m
3 Andy Davies 716km/447.5m Jeni Pitkin 269km/168m
4 David Perkins 572.2km/357.6m Dawn Jackson 265.5km/166m
5 Adrian Moss 532.6km/332.9m Jennifer Rich 239.1km/149.5m
6 Richard Pegg 445.9km/278.7m Helen Davies 234.8km/146.7m
7 Phil Howson 435km/271.9m Emily Hunt 199.7km/124.8m
8 Richard Hayes 429.6km/268.5m Mary Craig 167.8km/104.9m/td>
9 James Fletcher 348.6km/217.9m Nancy Stuart 143km/89.4m
10 John Rawlinson 344.3km/215.2 Alex De Salis 139.1km/87m
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