Long Distance Strider Update #2

Hello again, another missive from your irregular Long Distance Strider reporter here.

The TL;DR is that it’s very much ‘as you were’ in the men’s competition, while it’s all change for the ladies.

Yes, Paul Stuart is making it look so easy that Andy Davies is thinking of hurling cups of fresh urine in his face, a la Froome. That means that unless Paul is sidelined, Andy and Phil are basically duking it out for second place. Both of them have been racking up serious mountain miles. The rest of the top 5 is made up of John Rawlinson and Andy Davies, the former of which leapfrogged many runners, sadly not literally, in completing an ultra marathon.

In the women’s competition, Ashleigh Barron now leads the race, with the recent Trail Rush and Round Sheffield races catapulting her up the rankings. Sian, who was in first, slips down to third, while Carol takes her place. You feel that any of those three could take first place as they are all frequent racers. Fourth and fifth respectively are Lucy Smith and Laura Fletcher. In the women’s competition there are ten runners who have run over a hundred miles, so this one is far from wrapped up.

Note that this is calculated up to and including the Longshaw 10k race.

Total Strider mileage is as follows; the men have run a total of 11363.4 miles, while the women have run 3660.4, which equals an amazing 15023.8 miles. To put that in perspective the distance from Sheffield to Sydney is a mere 10533 miles. Well done all!

Men’s Competition:

P Name Miles
1 Paul Stuart 414.7
2 Andy Buck 303.7
3 Phil Howson 301.1
4 John Rawlinson 268.3
5 Andy Davies 253.3

Women’s Competition:

P Name Miles
1 Ashleigh Barron 161.3
2 Carol Beattie 143.5
3 Sian Evans 127.2
4 Lucy Smith 119.4
5 Laura Fletcher 118.9
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