Low Bradfield SYCAA 5 Mile Result

Race Date: Wednesday 29th April 2015

Before we get onto the results, please take a moment to read the following statement posted on the SYCAA website.

Despite the earlier request re parking, we again had serious problems on the night, with people choosing to park on the road.

Race organiser for fixture 3 (Mike Levery of Sheffield Running Club) has asked that the following information be communicated to, and understood by all runners:-

I hope everyone enjoyed Wednesday night’s race Low Bradfield which had a record field for the venue. However, I’d just like to make participants aware of some of the issues we face. The continuing use of this course is on the basis of free movement of traffic in both directions as agreed with South Yorkshire Police and Sheffield City Council. We have given assurances that this is the case apart from 2/3 minutes at the start, and a 15 minute diversion of traffic in the approach road down the hill to Low Bradfield. Their view is that should this not happen, then the event will be subject to road closures and the costs will make it unviable. In addition, it will also signal the end of the Dam Flask Relays, a popular and well supported event for clubs. Despite no waiting cones on the dam area, and the approach to the finish, some runners still insist on parking their cars and ignoring the no waiting cones. We do it for your safety – a complaint to the police or council will almost certainly signal the end of running races round the Dam Flask course. Please bear this in mind next time we use the course. The loss of this venue will be upsetting for the vast majority of runners who are parked up in Low Bradfield by our marshals.

To emphasise the point about parking, at least one runner fell to the ground very hard right at the start of the race as the entire field had to compress due to the parked cars.  Next time, that could be you, so please heed all warnings and directions from the marshals at these events.

Okay, onto business.

Chilly, but dry, you can’t ask for much more than that in late April.  Sunshine?  Get away with yer!

In a record field of 389 we again had the biggest club turnout of the evening with a whopping 86 Striders out racing.  Barnsley Harriers with 38 and Kimberworth Striders with 35 were a distant second and third in that regard.

Will Beauchamp of Sheffield RC won the race in 26:05 with Fiona Davies of Kingstone Runners the first lady home in 29:56.

A quick mention for our very own Hannah Helmore who finished 4th lady.

The fourth and final race in the series is at Oxspring (near Penistone) on Wednesday 13th May.  Be there, its FREE racing and we might need as many people as possible to help towards the team prizes.

Note: Remember, you can present your 5 Mile race number to claim a 15% discount at Up and Running, Sheffield in the same way you can via our club discounts page.

P Name Cat Time
12 Ben Jones M 28:39
18 Craig Shaw M 28:51
19 Sam Needham M 28:51
25 Simon Bennett V40 29:17
31 Andrew Davies V40 29:49
36 Michael Greer V40 29:53
39 Jonathan Street M 29:57
41 James Rose M 30:00
44 Jonathan Taylor M 30:30
45 Colin Hardy M 30:33
49 John Kilcoyne M 30:48
56 Louis Wood M 31:05
57 Steve Helmore M 31:08
64 Matt Rimmer M 31:24
65 Hannah Helmore F 31:26
68 Martyn Goldsack M 31:31
75 Mick Wall V40 32:00
76 Paul Stuart V40 32:05
85 Phil Howson V40 32:26
92 Stephen Clarke M 32:53
97 John Ashforth M 33:09
105 John Rawlinson V40 33:31
106 Steve Haake V50 33:32
116 Ben Heller V50 33:57
117 Nathaniel Smith M 34:00
118 Gareth Hague M 34:02
121 Nick Burns V40 34:11
122 Emily Hunt F 34:12
124 David Maloney V40 34:25
130 Richard Sands V40 34:36
136 Richard Pegg V50 34:44
154 Anthony Horstead M 35:32
155 Paul Ree M 35:33
157 Trevor Burton V50 35:41
158 Nicola Ross F 35:42
160 Adrian Moss V50 35:48
161 Dave Beech V50 35:48
162 Wayne Forster M 35:49
164 Steve Brookes M 35:54
171 Steve Irvine V40 36:04
172 Ashleigh Barron F 36:06
179 Michael Richardson M 36:18
190 Graham Hague V60 36:43
192 Stuart Jones V50 36:52
198 Lucy Smith F 37:07
200 Doug Armstrong M 37:21
202 John Maples V50 37:26
204 Chris Hodson V40 37:29
211 Jimmy Sharman M 37:46
214 Matt Gibson M 37:50
215 Clive Downing V50 37:54
221 Chris Willis M 38:06
223 Rio Cooper F 38:07
227 Michael Heselton V50 38:13
230 Tanith James F40 38:28
236 Jeni Pitkin F 38:48
237 Mir Jansen F50 38:51
238 Alex Arblaster M 38:53
241 Alex De Salis F 38:56
248 Roger Watson V40 39:09
252 Carol Beattie F60 39:15
258 Tony Rooms V50 39:38
261 Jason Siddall V40 39:47
264 Andrew Woffindin V50 39:57
265 Annali Crawford F 39:57
276 Tom Nuttgens V40 40:19
277 Amy Housley F 40:22
278 Mary Craig F60 40:29
279 Ian Blackburn V50 40:29
284 Hollie Kitching F 40:45
291 Victoria Hawkins F40 41:05
296 Catherine Mckeown F40 41:15
306 Stephanie Street F50 41:40
320 William Brown M 42:27
325 Laura Glasel F 42:55
328 Chris Ellis M 42:58
329 Rachel Smith F40 43:23
333 Jacqui Johnson F40 43:33
334 Jill Davies F50 43:33
336 Cameron Black M 43:36
337 Dawn Jackson F40 43:44
349 Elaine Watson F50 44:57
354 Emma Beer F 45:26
355 Magdalena Boo F40 45:37
372 Luis Bastidas M 48:12
374 Ruth Kaiser F 48:57

Full result available from the SYCAA website

Photo courtesy of Mossie Net Photography.  Please consider donating to his worthwhile cause.  He published almost 300 pictures from Wednesdays race and makes them available completely free of charge.  All he asks in return is a small donation to his favourite charity; Malaria No More.  You can donate via his Just Giving Page or read more about the races he covers on his blog.

Amy Housley at Low Bradfield 2015

Amy Housley at Low Bradfield 2015


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