Membership Renewals Due 1st February

A request by Stewart Robinson (membership secretary)

As in previous years, I would like to give members the first reminder of the costs of renewing their membership for 2015 – they are as follows:

  • Senior Membership £20
  • Senior Citizen Membership £10 (see note)
  • Second Claim Membership £15

Note: Senior Citizen Membership – Any member having attained the age of 60 years at the date upon which annual subscriptions become due and having completed five years continuous membership of the club shall be offered renewal at this reduced rate.

If you are uncertain whether you qualify for the £10 membership fee then please feel free to contact me for clarification etc.

Membership becomes due for renewal from 1st.February 2015 – so if you have not already paid for 2015 (if you are unsure then please feel free to contact me) – then you will need to renew. Please note that members will not be renewed with England Athletics until their membership has been received and processed.

NB – The following two categories of member do not of course need to renew:

  • Any current fully paid up member of the club who becomes/is a National or World Champion is awarded free life membership.
  • Senior Citizens Life Membership – Any member having attained the age of 70 years at the date upon which subscriptions are due and having completed five years continuous membership of the club shall become a life member and therefore membership fees will no longer be due. These members should be aware of who they are – but again if unsure please feel free to contact me for confirmation etc.

I will be taking fees at the AGM – please note that again in 2015 this will be in March – please feel free to take this as an additional opportunity to pay your membership fees – thus saving yourself time/forgetting etc. and also to attend the AGM.

You can pay by cheque/standing order/bank transfer/paypal – details are fully available on striders website (how to join or renew) – along with the ability to complete renewal etc. online.

You don’t need a PayPal account to pay online, you can pay just using your Credit or Debit Card.

Please complete a membership form (available online or contact me for a paper copy) and send it to me – even if your membership is still current for 2015 (quite often I get to know of any changes when someone doesn’t receive something/is not notified of something by the club).

This new latest version membership form also requests some additional details – mobile phone number and e-mail address in addition to home phone number (land line).Also there is a request for emergency contact number/person – potentially useful in case of an accident on training run/event. These extra details will never be forwarded to any third party and will only be used so that the club can use all available means of passing information to members/in an emergency if needs arise. I will also use your email to inform you when I have received – and processed – your membership payment etc. – or otherwise this confirmation will come by post. Please note that a card is no longer issued for your Striders membership number – and all England Athletics cards etc. come to you direct from them.

If you do not wish to renew then please resign – preferably in writing – non-renewal is not the same as resigning.- England Athletics regulations state that Striders could still hold your registration for 2 years as a non-active member and you could be indebted to the club if you subsequently wish to join another club – you will still show on England Athletics data base as registered with Striders.

There have recently been some new members – and also numerous enquiries – most of whom have either come to Training Venues – or will be doing so soon. Please make them welcome – as they normally are – they are all potentially new members.

Any members who have any membership problems and/or questions (financial or otherwise) please contact me as soon as possible so that we can sort things out and so therefore avoid any potential confusion and/or unpleasantness at a later date.

If you have any queries at all, please contact me via the contact form

My address for all correspondence and/or payment of membership fees is:
Stewart Robinson, 322 Edmund Road, Sheffield S2 4EN.

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