National XC Relays result

Race date: Saturday 31 October 2015

The National XC Relays at Berry Hill, Mansfield have been a highlight of the XC calendar for many years, and 2015 was no exception, with over 1000 teams entered across the junior and senior categories. It is a wonderful opportunity to watch and race alongside the top club runners in the country, while taking in the buzz of a big event. The club tent area was described by one Strider as ‘a bit like the world’s healthiest version of Glastonbury’. With heavy rain for two days beforehand and a lovely cool but sunny day for actual racing, the weather was perfect and he ground was soft but not too muddy.

Striders fielded four teams this year – two women’s and two men’s. The women ran in teams of 3, with each runner completing a single 3k lap. The men ran in teams of four, with each runner completing two laps of a 2.5k course (so 5k per runner). In order to fit in the myriad junior categories before the main event, the senior races started in the afternoon – 2pm for the women and 2:40 for the men – meaning by the time the men finished it was getting cold and gloomy. Good job they were selling the souvenir hoodies for a knockdown price!

There were 102 complete teams in the Senior Women’s event, which was won by Leeds City AC ‘A’ in 27:37.

In the men’s event there were 149 complete teams, with Morpeth Harriers & AC ‘A’ finishing as winners in 1:01:38.

Full results on the ECCA website

Striders Women

Leg Name Time (position after leg)
1 Jennifer Rich 11:25 (64)
2 Carol Beattie 14:52 (76)
3 Emma Broglia 13:01 (66)
Total time (66th overall) 39:20
Leg Name Time (position after leg)
1 Jo Carnie 14:31 (115)
2 Sheena Woodhead 16:56 (112)
3 Jill Davies 16:28 (101)
Total time (101st overall) 47:56

Striders Men

Leg Name Time (position after leg)
1 John Kilcoyne 18:54 (130)
2 Louis Wood 19:38 (118)
3 Alasdair Menmuir 19:31 (107)
4 Ben Jones 18:14 (94)
Total time (94th overall) 1:16:19
Leg Name Time (position after leg)
1 Steve Clarke 20:05 (152)
2 Austen Puleston 19:30 (133)
3 Darren Maher 22:26 (131)
4 Trevor Burton 23:34 (130)
Total time (130th overall) 1:25:37


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