North Lincs Half Marathon Result

Race Date: Sunday 3rd May 2015

Come on, own up, who ordered the biblical wind and rain?

Not sure if its because Lincolnshire is so flat, but the course really struggled with standing water. Making parts of the route seem more like running the Trunce than a road race.  If it was a racecourse we’d be looking at good to soft, soft in places.

It didn’t seem to affect Matthew Nutt of Wimbledon Windmilers (great club name) who won the race in 1:13:24. First lady home was Tori Green of Ripon Runners in 1:23:14.

1495 runners completed the course and there were plenty of PBs amongst the 23 Striders who made the journey.

Most notable performances of the day goto Craig Shaw and Ben Jones coming home in 18th and 19th positions in 1:19:54 and 1:20:02 respectively.

P Name Cat Time
18 Craig Shaw M 01:19:54
19 Ben Jones M 01:20:02
80 Ian Dale V40 01:26:57
98 Paul Stuart V40 01:28:20
105 John Ashforth M 01:28:48
106 John Kilcoyne M 01:28:46
113 Paul Johnson M 01:29:04
117 Mick Wall V40 01:29:14
136 Edward Startup M 01:29:21
152 Michael Richardson M 01:31:08
154 John Armitage V40 01:31:14
179 Emily Hunt F 01:32:20
331 Ashleigh Barron F 01:39:39
333 Paul Reeve M 01:39:41
405 Matt Gibson M 01:42:16
412 Stuart Carrack M 01:42:27
463 Stuart Jones V50 01:43:27
468 David Hewitt V60 01:43:59
515 Chris Fry M 01:46:25
630 Roger Watson V40 01:50:50
805 Andrew Woffindin V50 01:56:49
808 Nancy Stuart F 01:56:43
817 Phillip Palmer V40 01:56:58
861 Phil Dooley M40 01:57:21
1063 Emma Beer F 02:05:34
1165 Dawn Jackson F50 02:10:10

Full results available from Sports Timing Solutions website

The Striders Bus is coming
And everybody’s jumping
Steel City to Rainy Scunthorpe
An intercity running corp
The wheels of steel are turning
And traffic lights are burning
So if you like to party (get a PB)
Get on and move your body

The inaugural Striders bus to the North Lincs HM 2015

The inaugural Striders bus to the North Lincs HM 2015










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