Oxspring SYCAA 5 Mile Result and series wrap up

Race Date: Wednesday 13th May 2015

First thing, we have to thank Tony Horstead and team for getting Striders to these 5 milers.  It was a mammoth task arranging everything behind the scenes, especially with the level of interest this year.

Also, SYCAA themselves and the running clubs involved for putting on a fantastic set of races.  I wouldn’t like to think about the logistics of getting 400 people per race running on open roads etc.

Before we get into the actual Oxspring result, lets look at the overall Striders attendance and the team and overall standings.

The Numbers

  • Lodge Moor: 89 Striders from 419 runners (21%)
  • Wombwell: 63 Striders from 388 runners (16%)
  • Low Bradfield: 86 Striders from 389 runners (22%)
  • Oxspring: 73 Striders from 398 runners (18%)
  • Total number of different Striders who took part in the 5 mile series: 139

Team Standings

There are 3 classes counted through the series; all age women, senior men (under 40) and veteran men (over 40).  Each club’s best finishers in each race (best 3 for ladies and best 4 in the men’s categories) have their times combined.  At the end of the 4 race series, the team with the lowest combined times is the winner.

All Ladies

Despite having the majority of our A team out with injury and the likes of London training we still put in a brilliant effort to finish in 3rd place behind Totley AC and Sheffield RC.

Congratulations to Emily Hunt, Hannah Helmore, Nicola Ross, Jennifer Rich and Amy Duck.

Senior Men

Despite being up against a formidable Sheffield RC team, our boys really gave it their all to secure 2nd place.

So well done Ben Jones, Craig Shaw, Sam Needham, James Rose, Colin Hardy, Martyn Goldsack, Jon Taylor and Jon Street

Vet Men

Despite our bright start we were up against it into the final race as Penistone had overtaken us after the third race.  Thankfully phone calls were made and faceman pulled together the A Team to help secure victory by just 19 seconds to Penistone.

Your V40+ winning team are Simon Bennett, Andy Davies, Michael Greer, David Palmer, Mick Wall, Alastair Lawson, Paul Stuart, Phil Howson and Mark Gray.

Overall Standings

To qualify for the overall standings you had to run in all 4 races, congratulations to the 26 Striders who did, your overall placings are listed below.  Great stuff, well done everyone.

Senior Ladies

4th, Emily Hunt

8th, Ashleigh Barron

11th, Amy Housley

15th, Ruth Kaiser

FV35 Ladies

3rd, Nicola Ross

FV45 Ladies

5th, Catherine McKeown

FV50 Ladies

3rd, Mir Jansen

FV55 Ladies

3rd, Stephanie Street

FV60 Ladies

3rd, Carol Beattie

Senior Men

8th, Craig Shaw

9th, Sam Needham

11th, James Rose

13th, Colin Hardy

15th, Steve Helmore

34th, Matt Gibson

39th, Alex Arblaster

V40 Men

15th, Roger Watson

V45 Men

4th, Simon Bennett

6th, Paul Stuart

7th, Phil Howson

V50 Men

8th, Ben Heller

10th, Andrew Woffinden

MV55 Men

6th, Richard Pegg

7th, David Beech

12th Ian Blackburn

MV60 Men

5th, Graham Hague

Oxspring Result

The final 5 mile race of the season saw 398 runners, 73 of which were Striders.  As per the other 3 races, we had the largest turnout by some considerable margin with 46 runners the next best turnout on the night.

Daniel Chan of Barnsley AC took first place (26:00) in a tight finish with Will Beauchamp of Sheffield RC just 7 seconds behind.  Strider David Palmer took the final podium place in 27:14. First lady home was Fiona Davies of Kingstone in 29:24

P Name Category Time
3 David Palmer MV40 27:14
16 Craig Shaw MS 28:31
22 Simon Bennett MV45 28:53
24 Mark Gray MV40 28:59
28 James Rose MS 29:13
30 Michael Greer MV40 29:22
31 Sam Needham MS 29:24
34 Colin Hardy MS 29:27
48 Andrew Davies MV45 30:03
59 Matt Rimmer MS 30:47
61 Martyn Goldsack MS 30:51
71 Hannah Helmore FS 31:11
74 Steve Helmore MS 31:26
76 Edward Startup MS 31:34
77 Jorge Bronze MS 31:36
81 David Perkins MS 31:40
87 Richard Sayers MS 31:51
94 Wayne Forster MS 32:03
99 Paul Stuart MV45 32:11
101 Stephen Clarke MS 32:19
109 Phil Howson MV45 32:41
116 Andy Buck MV55 32:50
119 Matthew Chappell MS 32:53
128 David Maloney MV45 33:13
131 Gareth Hague MS 33:34
132 Jennifer Rich FS 33:36
135 Richard Sands MV40 33:51
142 Emily Hunt FS 33:59
147 Stuart Carrick MS 34:08
152 Nick Burns MV45 34:17
154 Ben Heller MV50 34:18
161 Andrew Green MV45 34:36
166 Richard Pegg MV55 34:48
167 Wayne Forster MS 34:48
176 Nicola Ross FV35 35:15
192 Paul Ree MS 35:46
194 Dave Beech MV55 35:50
204 Anthony Horstead MS 36:40
207 Graham Hague MV60 36:51
211 Doug Armstrong MS 37:01
217 Michael Heselton MV50 37:21
220 Ashleigh Barron FS 37:26
221 Tom Nuttgens MV45 37:26
245 Chris Hodson MV45 38:11
250 Tony Rooms MV55 38:25
256 Mir Jansen FV50 38:39
267 Alex Arblaster MS 39:13
271 Annali Crawford FV35 39:20
273 Matt Gibson MS 39:22
274 Andrew Woffindin MV50 39:31
276 Laura Fletcher FS 39:33
287 Carol Beattie FV60 39:49
288 David Bailey MS 39:50
289 Catherine McKeown FV45 39:50
290 Hollie Kitching FS 39:50
298 Victoria Hawkins FV45 40:25
299 Ian Blackburn MV55 40:25
300 Amy Housley FS 40:30
301 Stephanie Street FV55 40:36
302 Jason Siddall MV40 40:37
305 Mary Craig FV60 40:48
315 William Brown MS 41:15
320 Richard Slater MV45 41:26
328 Richard Clamp MV40 41:48
329 Roger Watson MV40 41:52
342 Laura Glasel FS 42:44
345 Nancy Stuart FV35 43:01
352 Hannah Dexter FS 43:43
361 Elaine Watson FV50 44:25
366 Dawn Jackson FV40 45:28
369 Luis Bastidas MS 46:20
383 Emma Portus FS 48:01
388 Ruth Kaiser FS 49:28

Full race result as well as all the detailed individual and team standings available from the SYCAA website

Photo courtesy of Mossie Net Photography.  Please consider donating to his worthwhile cause.  He publishes hundreds of pictures from these race and makes them available completely free of charge.  All he asks in return is a small donation to his favourite charity; Malaria No More.

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Richard Clamp and Roger Watson in total synchronisation at Oxspring 2015

Richard Clamp and Roger Watson in total synchronisation at Oxspring 2015













Team Striders, Oxspring 2015

Team Striders, Oxspring 2015

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