Penultimate Fell Race Championship Update

Here are the latest scores in the 2015 Striders Fell Race Championship.

We have added the results from Totley Exterminator and both Trunce 8 and Trunce 9.

Top 2 in each category win a prize at the end of the season.

Remember: You need to have ran 5 of the 10 races to claim a prize!

Top Senior Men
1. Alasdair Menmuir, 500 pts
2. David Perkins, 441 pts
3. James Fletcher, 435 pts
4. Jimmy Sharman, 403 pts
5. Steve Frazer, 386 pts

Alasdair looks home and hosed with the big battle for runners up spot.  If only James Fletcher could have made just one of the nine Trunce races this season, he’d have those 10 bonus points bagged.  Steve Frazer could still gatecrash the party as Curbar could be his fifth score on the board.

Top V40 Men
1. Paul Stuart, 498 pts
2. Mick Timm, 495 pts
3. Andy Davies, 487 pts
4. Simon Wiles, 414 pts
5. Andy Green, 400 pts

A monumental three way struggle going into the final race at Curbar. Mick needs to beat Paul by 3 pts and hope Andy flunks. Paul needs to beat Mick and hope Andy flunks. Andy needs to turn up and hope that Paul and Mick have off days to claw those 9pts back.  We could sell tickets for this one. 🙂

Top V50 Men
1. Andy Buck, 452 pts
2. Steve Haake, 418 pts
3. Ben Heller, 418 pts
4. Trevor Burton, 396 pts
5. Trevor Watson, 171 pts

The numbers suggest Chairman Buck has this one in the bag. But the friendship of Steve and Ben could be strained as they are tied on 418 pts going into the final race chasing the second place prize.

Top V60 Men
1. David Parry, 288 pts
2. Graham Hague, 78 pts

Top Senior Women
1. Helen Davis, 471 pts
2. Alison Barrett, 444 pts
3. Heather Wallis, 417 pts
3. Jeni Pitkin, 244 pts
4. Hannah Helmore, 194 pts

Top V40 Women
1. Victoria Hawkins, 243 pts
2. Jenny Lingrell, 87pts
3. Mir Jansen, 77 pts
4= Rachel Smith, 70 pts
4= Claire Britt, 70 pts
4= Donna Harrison, 70 pts

Top V50 Women
1. Jill Davies, 366 pts
2. Dawn Jackson, 69 pts
3. Ali Parmenter, 67 pts

Top V60 Women
1. Carol Beattie, 394 pts

View the full spreadsheet of results with complete breakdown for each race.

Note: these are rounded up figures, actual scores are to decimal points so we can separate tied runners at the end of the season.

Geeky Spreadsheet Alert: A quick explanation how the new ‘Trunce 2015’ tab interacts with the Fell 2015 tab.  I’ve set up the Trunce tab to record the Striders results from every Trunce this year as well as the winning male and female time from each race.  Your fastest time of the year is then compared against the fastest male/female time of the year (these don’t have to be from the same race) to get your points score for the Trunce.  This score is then transposed back across to the Trunce column on the ‘Fell 2015’ sheet.  Phew, simple eh?

The next race in the Fell race championship is Curbar Commotion on Sunday 4th October 2015 at 11am.

Any queries of discrepancies with either the Road or the Fell Championship scoring, please contact the Webmaster via the Contact Form


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