Percy Pud 2015 photos

It was nice to see plenty of people with cameras along the route at Sunday’s race.

We’ve started to collate a few of what were taken and noted below are where you can find them.

If you have any photo’s you’ve taken yourself, please let us know where you have posted them.

Ideally upload them to Flickr rather than Facebook as Flickr is open and can be viewed by all, whereas Facebook needs a login and not everyone has succumb yet.

Flickr is free to sign up and you get almost unlimited storage.

If you have any photos, please send the web page details to Mick Wall via the contact form on the website and we’ll update this page.

Photo links

Steel City Striders Flickr page

Steel City Striders Facebook Album

Finish Line Photography Facebook Album (alternative Flickr version of same album)

Sheena Woodhead Flickr Album

Loxley Silver Band Flickr Album

Flickr Album by I Need a Cuppa


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