Road Race Championship – Update 1 of 10

Here’s a snapshot after the first of the 10 races this season’s Striders Road Race Championship.

Norton 9 being the first points on the board.

So its like looking at the back of the Green Un at 5pm on the first Saturday in August.

Full details regarding this years championship including the scoring system and all the fixtures can be found on the dedicated Striders Road Race Championship page.

Top 5 Senior Men
1. Ben Jones, 103.52 pts
2. Sam Needham, 95.00 pts
3. Doug Banks, 94.19 pts
4. Craig Shaw, 93.21 pts
5. Ed Startup, 82.03 pts

Top 5 V40 Men
1. Simon Bennett, 100.78 pts
2. Mick Wall, 90.83 pts
3. Phil Howson, 90.25 pts
4. Nick Burns, 85.21 pts
5. Chris Hodson, 78.17 pts

Top 5 V50 Men
1. Andy Buck, 91.91 pts
2. Trevor Burton, 88.90 pts
3. Richard Pegg, 84.20 pts
4. Adrian Moss, 84.07 pts
5. John Maples, 80.74 pts

Top 2 V60 Men
1. David Hewitt, 80.98 pts
2. Graham Hague, 80.49 pts

Top 5 Senior Women
1. Sian Evans, 103.12 pts
2. Suzzi Garnett, 97.99 pts
3. Nicola Ross, 94.81 pts
4. Ashleigh Barron, 91.43 pts
5. Nancy Stuart, 77.09 pts

Top 2 V40 Women
1. Tanith James, 86.40 pts
2. Rachel Smith, 75.19 pts

Top 3 V50 Women
1. Stephanie Street, 83.87 pts
2. Dawn Jackson, 76.79 pts
3. Elaine Watson, 74.31 pts

Top 2 V60 Women
1. Carol Beattie, 87.80 pts
2. Mary Craig, 83.52 pts

You can view the full details, all the calculations and how everyone is scoring (not just the top scorers listed above) by looking at the online spreadsheet.  Please be sure to take a look and confirm your own times and categories etc as these are copied directly from the race results.

The next race in the Road Race Championship is the SYCAA 5 Mile Series race at Lodge Moor on Wednesday 8th April.  More details will be announced soon about that.

Any queries or discrepancies with either the Road or the Fell Championship scoring, please contact us via ‘Website Issues’ on the website Contact Form or reply to the post that will go up for this update on the Facebook group.

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