Road Race Championship – Update 7 of 10

Here’s a snapshot after race 7 of the 10 races in this season’s Striders Road Race Championship.

Askern 10 miler being the latest points added.

This is turning into a fantastic year for the championship as we already have almost a whopping 200 different members involved on the table.

Full details regarding this years championship including the scoring system and all the fixtures can be found on the dedicated Striders Road Race Championship page.

Top 2 in each category win a prize at the end of the season.

Top Senior Men
1. Ben Jones, 531 pts
2. Sam Needham, 504 pts
3= James Rose, 493 pts
3= Craig Shaw, 493 pts
5= Colin Hardy, 466 pts
5= Ed Startup, 466 pts

Top V40 Men
1. Simon Bennett, 506 pts
2= Mick Wall, 483 pts
2= Paul Stuart, 483 pts
4. Nick Burns, 451 pts
5. Richard Sands, 447 pts

Top V50 Men
1. Trevor Burton, 440 pts
2. Richard Pegg, 419 pts
3. Adrian Moss, 409 pts
4. John Maples, 400 pts
5. Ian Blackburn, 386 pts

Top V60 Men
1. Graham Hague, 409 pts
2. Bob Pringle, 248 pts
3. David Hewitt, 238 pts
4. David Parry, 78 pts
5. Ron Ward, 66 pts

Top Senior Women
1= Nicola Ross, 486 pts
1= Emily Hunt, 486 pts
3. Ashleigh Barron, 485 pts
4. Annali Crawford, 431 pts
5. Emma Beer, 379 pts

Top V40 Women
1. Catherine McKeown, 441 pts
2. Tanith James, 349 pts
3. Rachel Smith, 305 pts
4. Magdalena Boo, 302 pts
5. Jo Carnie, 169 pts

Top V50 Women
1. Mir Jansen, 446 pts
2. Stephanie Street, 426 pts
3. Dawn Jackson, 412 pts
4. Jill Davies, 316 pts
5. Elaine Watson, 303 pts

Top V60 Women
1. Carol Beattie, 456 pts
2. Mary Craig, 416 pts
3. Sheena Woodhead, 75 pts
4. Nicole Nield, 74 pts

Note: these are rounded up figures, actual scores are to decimal points so we can separate tied runners at the end of the season.

You can view the full details, all the calculations and how everyone is scoring (not just the top scorers listed above) by looking at the online spreadsheet.  Please be sure to take a look and confirm your own times and categories etc as these are copied directly from the race results.

The next race in the Road Race Championship is the Worksop Half Marathon on Sunday 25th October 2015.

Any queries or discrepancies with either the Road or the Fell Championship scoring, please contact us via ‘Website Issues’ on the website Contact Form or reply to the post that will go up for this update on the Striders Facebook group.

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