Sheffield Way Ultra Result

Race Date: Sunday 21st September 2015

Sadly, after a number of withdrawals the Sheffield Way Ultra only had one entrant this year; Alastair Lawson

To summarise, the Sheffield Way Ultra is all five legs of the Sheffield Way Relay in one go, so the whole 50 miles on the same day.

You would think that having no competition there would be little incentive or drive for Alastair?  But you forget the type of Strider we are talking about.

Despite a few wrong turns throughout the day he managed to shave 16 seconds off the course record to finish in 8 hours 35 minutes and 26 seconds.

Here are his leg times

Leg Time
1 01:48:00
2 01:35:00
3 01:34:35
4 01:48:25
5 01:49:26
Total 08:35:26

Legs 2 and 3 were also new Ultra course records.

Afterwards, Alastair had these words to say:

“Thanks everyone – may I thank the following? All those providing brilliant support at Totley, Ford and at the end. Everybody who helped me not to go even further wrong. Blackberry bushes in general and Ben Heller for organising the whole thing, at one stage having 20 people interested in running and giving up his day to be my personal assistant. It is such a great route showing many facets of exactly why Sheffield is a great place to live. I really hope more people are able to run next year and will be doing everything I can to help that happen.”

Alastair finding time to text after 30 miles with organiser Ben Heller.

Alastair finding time to text after 30 miles with organiser Ben Heller.

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