Striders XC Championship Result

In previous years, the Striders Cross Country championship has been decided by a single race.  It’s ideally been our own race for Striders only in Graves Park, but in recent years we’ve tagged it onto one of the SYCAA fixtures.

Due to clashes with other race in the calendar and no free day to complete our own XC race we decided to try something difference with the XC championship and doff our cap to the Road and Fell championship scoring system.

So the premise is simple, your best 2 scores from any of the 4 SYCAA XC races and 10 bonus points for each race attended.

SYCAA XC Fixture 1, Clifton Park
SYCAA XC Fixture 2, Graves Park
SYCAA XC Fixture 3, Cannon Hall
SYCAA XC Fixture 4, Campsall Park

So the results from the above 4 SYCAA races where plumbed into the spreadsheet and here are the fruits of our labour.

A fantastic turnout throughout the series with 52 different Striders donning the vest over the course of the 4 races.  Cross Country appears to be well and truly alive and kicking.

Here are the final scores on the doors in the top positions in each age category.  Congratulations to all.

Senior Men
1. Adam Taylor, 213 pts
2. John Kilcoyne, 199 pts
3. Alasdair Menmuir, 182 pts
4. Tom McCart, 180 pts
5. Simeon Cotteril, 169 pts

V40 Men
1. Nick Scott, 209 pts
2. Luke Deforges, 204 pts
3. David Palmer, 193 pts
4. Peter Webber, 190 pts
5. Stephen Atkinson, 180 pts

V50 Men
1. Andy Buck, 184 pts
2. Richard Pegg, 179 pts
3. Mark Bagley, 177 pts
4. Peter Brown, 173 pts
5. Trevor Burton, 155 pts

V60 Men
1. David Birch, 189 pts

Senior Women
1. Jennifer Rich, 205 pts
2. Liz Cooper, 185 pts
3. Nancy Stuart, 163 pts
4. Nicola Ross, 93 pts
5. Charlotte Spencer, 91 pts

V40 Women
1. Jo Carnie, 171 pts

V50 Women
1. Jill Davies, 157 pts
2. Dawn Jackson, 153 pts

V60 Women
1. Sheena Woodhead, 164 pts
2. Carol Beattie, 162 pts

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