2016 Fell Race Championship

Here are the races in the 2016 Striders fell race championship.

First race is Tigger Tor on Sunday 31st January. It is pre-entry only, by post, so please get your entry in asap.

Same format as last year, 10 races with your best 5 scores counting and 10 bonus points for each race ran. In an effort to avoid clashes and encourage improvement of navigational skills, we have included a Peak Raid event in November. The venue for this is announced a month before the event. This is not a ‘timed’ race but a ‘scoring’ race over 3 hours. Championship points will be awarded in relation to how close the score is the the winners score (as a percentage).

Full details can be found on the Fell championship pages.

The championships are open to all Striders members, the competition is free (excluding the obvious race entry fees) and the top two runners in each age category (senior, V40, V50, V60) win a prize at the end of the season.

Full details of the 2015 winners can be found on the Fell results pages.

Fell Race Championship 2016

Race Date
Trunce various x 9
Tigger Tor Sun 31st Jan
Wolf’s Pit Sun 20th Mar
Burbage Skyline Tue 3rd May
Grindleford Thu 16th June
Bamford Carnival Wed 13th July
Barrel Inn Tue 30th Aug
Totley Exterminator Sun 4th Sept
Curbar Commotion Sat 8th Oct
Peak Raid 3 Sun 6th Nov

Trunce Dates 2016

Race Number Date
Race 1 4th April
Race 2 25th April
Race 3 16th May
Race 4 6th June
Race 5 27th June
Race 6 18th July
Race 7 8th August
Race 8 22nd August
Race 9 12th September
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