2016 Striders Fell Race Championship Result

Here are the FINAL scores in the 2016 Striders Fell Race Championship.

View the full spreadsheet of results with complete breakdown for each race.

We have added the results from Peak Raid 3 Round 2 to complete the season.

Top 2 in each category win a prize at the end of the season.

But remember: You needed to have ran 5 of the possible 10 races to be eligible to win a prize.

Top Senior Women

Name Points Position
Heather Wallis 410 1
Naomi Rabin 409 2
Emily Chaplais 272 3
Amy Housley 252 4
Lucy Broom 187 5

It came down to one point in the end! The harsh penalties of Peak Raid 3 will haunt Naomi as scoring anything but 0 would have won the Championship. A real nail biter right up until the end.

Top Senior Men

Name Points Position
Alasdair Menmuir 466 1
Joe Buckman 454 2
Jimmy Sharman 406 3
James Norton 335 4
Sam Needham 285 5

Alasdair never in trouble here. Doing the minimum of 5 races to ensure his eligibility for a prize and coasting to the win. Joe managed 8 of the 10 races to gain 80 bonus points that helped him push Al all the way, but in the end it was just a step too far.

Top V40 Women

Name Points Position
Victoria Hawkins 374 1
Catherine McKeown 342 2
Helen Calder 178 3
Liz Kooper 98 4
Jenny Lingrell 84 5

After being denied the title last year by only racing 4 of the races and hence being ineligible for a prize, Victoria has stormed to victory this year. Consistency strong throughout the year, with most races scoring around 75 points. A fantastic win. 2nd place goes to McKeown but did not run the required number of races to be eligible for a prize.

Top V40 Men

Name Points Position
Andy Davies 473 1
Michael Timm 456 2
Paul Stuart 451 3
Nick Burns 442 4
Michael Squires 414 5

Never in doubt. Goldstar not only won his age category, but was the highest scoring Strider overall. Even more impressive by only running 5 races and forgoing a potential 50 bonus points. A stellar battle between second and third place sees Michael Time edge out Paul Stuart for the second spot in the category.

Top V50 Women

Name Points Position
Mir Jansen 414 1
Jill Davies 369 2
Stacey Almond 75 3
Alison Hilton 73 4
Philippa Moorhead 69 5

Mir has led this category throughout the year, running 4 of the first races and performing well in the Trunce. Jill looked to make a comeback late on, but the harsh conditions of Peak Raid 3 just left a little too much to do. Congratulations to both.

Top V50 Men

Name Points Position
Rob Davies 414 1
Andy Buck 325 2
Tom Nuttgens 297 3
Trevor Burton 292 4
Steve Haake 244 5

Last year’s winner of this category wasn’t able to complete the 5 races to be eligible for a prize and didn’t put up much of a fight to reclaim his title. Rob was imperious in this category, scoring over 100 points more than his nearest eligible rival.


Top V60 Women

Name Points Position
Carol Beattie 382 1

Once again, Carol was peerless in her category. Although a slight dip in form compared to last year, Carol race 5 of 10 races ensuring her eligibility to retain her title.


Any queries of discrepancies with either the Road or the Fell Championship scoring, please contact the via the Contact Form

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