Clowne Half Marathon result

Race Date: Sunday 20th November 2016

Another bitterly cold one, not the ice of last year but the wind, oh the wind!

I think we’ve all agreed that the first 5 miles were great but turning off the main round meant undulation and head winds. I’d taken my gloves off by this point – bit of a mistake as there was no way I could get them back on. Only thing to do was to truck on and enjoy it as much as possible.

I’m never really sure where I am when I do races round here as they all seem to merge into one, Bolsover 10k, Worksop half, Clowne half, they probably all share the same bit of roads and it all looks familar but fortunately I just have follow the person in front.

You always have that thought in your head that it’ll end at some point and warmth is not far away. Sadly, there wasn’t much hanging around at the end to cheer fellow Striders in because of the cold, but a huge well done to all the hardly souls who braved the weather and turned in a performance.

Massive congratulations to Phil Skelton who indeed did turn in a performance, a winning one at that. Phil won the half marathon in 1.16.41. The first woman was Fiona Kesteven of Totley in 1.30.23.

Striders Results

Pos Name Name2 Cat Time
1 Phil Skelton M S 01:16:41
15 John Kilcoyne M S 01:24:32
47 Colin Hardy M S 01:31:10
56 Nick Burns M40 01:33:04
68 Simon Hope M S 01:34:37
76 Alex Shepherd M40 01:35:12
87 Paul Stuart M40 01:35:37
145 Nicola Ross F35 01:41:31
161 Roger Watson M40 01:42:23
172 Keith Bell M40 01:43:06
175 Daniel Lilley M S 01:43:21
186 Amy Duck F S 01:44:12
199 Michael Twigg M40 01:45:18
204 Alison Barrett F35 01:45:12
210 John Bridgman M S 01:45:55
213 Alex Green M S 01:46:06
255 Andrew Long M40 01:48:50
303 Jon Rhodes M S 01:52:19
313 Sian Evans F S 01:53:12
473 Tom Nuttgens M50 02:04:48
475 Blaine Quigley M40 02:04:48
483 Ian Spencer M50 02:05:42
531 Jane Wright-Saunders F35 02:10:44
539 Nicole Brown F35 02:12:12
675 Joanne Graham F35 02:39:13

Full results:  here



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