English Cross Country Association 2016 XC Relays – Mansfield results

I feel unable to write this report without first paying tribute to Lucy Pygott and Stacey Burrows, 2 U-17 runners for Aldershot and Farnham AC, who tragically lost their lives after being hit by a drink driver whilst crossing the road, at a pedestrian crossing, whilst out on a training run on Tuesday night.

Both girls appeared at the Relays at Mansfield at the weekend with Lucy running the anchor leg in the 2nd fastest time of the day, 8.31, for her team and gaining 2 places in order for her team to win 1st prize. Stacey also ran the anchor leg with her team finishing 13th.

Both girls had a bright future ahead of them and the world of athletics will be a lesser place without them. I’m sure all Striders would want to join me in offering our sincere condolences to the family, friends and teammates of Lucy and Stacey. R.I.P

Race Date: Saturday 5th November 2016

Firstly, apologies if your name is wrong here. I have not been given the corrected team sheets so have to go by the results. Will amend when I know the final team line ups.

Senior Mens

The race consisted of 4 x 5k legs and was competed by 166 teams including a bunch of enthusiastic Striders. The race was won by Aldershot and Farnham AC in

Striders Results:

Striders A    88th place. Time

Striders B 147th place. Time

Striders C 166th place. Time

Pos Name Cat Time
88 John Kilcoyne M Sen 18.08
88 Jorge Bronze M Sen 18.40
88 Jason Brannan M Sen 20.08
88 Ben Jones M Sen 18.33
147 Kev Sibley M Sen 19.25
147 Stuart Jones M Sen 23.21
147 Andy Buck M Sen 21.22
147 Keith Jackson M Sen 23.23
166 Terry Armstrong M Sen 27.55
166 Mark Platton M Sen 22.23
166 Richard Pegg M Sen 23.04
166 Richard Garton M Sen 29.59

Senior Women

The Senior Women’s race was a 3 x 3k relay and was competed for by 124 teams, again including a whole bunch of keen Striders.

The race was won by Aldershot & Farnham AC in

Striders Results:

Striders A   84th place. Time

Striders B 112th place. Time

Striders C 119th place. Time

Pos Name Cat Time
84 Jen Rich F Sen 11.39
84 Jo Carnie F Sen 13.59
84 Carol Beattie F Sen 15.21
112 Laura Fletcher F Sen 14.28
112 Jill Davies F Sen 15.06
112 Sheena Woodhead F Sen 16.19
119 Magda Boo F Sen 15.35
119 Helen Eberlin F Sen 15.58
119 Jane Saunders F Sen 17.00

Full Results:

2016 XC Relays Results – All Age Groups




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