Fell Race Championship – Update 9 of 10

Here’s a snapshot after 9 of the 10 races in this season’s Striders Fell Race Championship, including best Trunce of the season scores, with the final race in the Championship to be held on the 6th of November.

Full details regarding this years championship including the scoring system and all the fixtures can be found on the dedicated Striders Fell Race Championship page.

The full details, all the calculations and how everyone is scoring (not just the top scorers listed above) are available to view on an online spreadsheet.

This has been updated to hopefully make it easier to see where you stand in your category. Please be sure to take a look and confirm your own times and categories etc as these are copied directly from the race results. With over 200 participants so far this year, there’s sure to be an error so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you spot one!

Any queries or discrepancies with either the Road or the Fell Championship scoring, please contact us via ‘Website Issues’ on the website Contact Form or reply to the post that will go up for this update on the Striders Facebook group.

Here’s a snapshot of each category:

Name Points Position
Heather Wallis 400.3009843 1
Naomi Rabin 388.8117888 2
Emily Chaplais 261.6519101 3
Amy Housley 242.1915912 4
Lucy Broom 187.2934481 5
Name Points Position
Alasdair Menmuir 456.1782216 1
Joe Buckman 444.3079131 2
Jimmy Sharman 395.5744418 3
James Norton 324.5312168 4
Sam Needham 284.9473226 5
Name Points Position
Catherine McKeown 331.6699374 1
Victoria Hawkins 324.0476404 2
Helen Calder 178.4216266 3
Liz Kooper 98.48167539 4
Jenny Lingrell 84.05824205 5
Name Points Position
Andy Davies 463.1031433 1
Michael Timm 446.3317939 2
Paul Stuart 440.6861851 3
Nick Burns 422.309606 4
Michael Squires 403.9943819 5
Name Points Position
Mir Jansen 404.2092143 1
Jill Davies 328.7274217 2
Stacey Almond 65.47433904 3
Alison Hilton 62.67212505 4
Philippa Moorhead 58.86053827 5
Name Points Position
Rob Davies 404.3277025 1
Tom Nuttgens 287.4482701 2
Andy Buck 251.0199168 3
Steve Haake 243.5289561 4
Trevor Burton 223.0016365 5
Name Points Position
Carol Beattie 381.89108 1
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