Grindleford Fell Race

Race Date: Thursday 16th June 2016

As well as being part of our fell championships, Grindleford Fell Race is a brilliant little race which includes a mad descent of Padley Gorge and a river crossing very near the end in Grindleford. The course includes about 640 feet of ascent in 4.9 miles.

It was a wet evening, absolutely bucketing it down at times. The rain got harder as the race went on. For those who haven’t done it before, there is a lap of the field in Grindleford to prevent everyone hitting the ascent at the same time, a bit of boggy moorland at the top, some flattish trail through Longshaw, the aforementioned mad descent of Padley Gorge, more trail, then running through fields back towards Grindleford – and the river crossing before the final dash to the finish.

The rain made the descent riskier than usual, with slippery uneven rocky surfaces and roots hidden in deep muddy puddles. Great fun, and what makes fell running so appealing to me – an extended adrenaline rush of a rollercoaster ride.

The race winner was Steve Franklin of Totley AC, in a time of 32:15. The winning lady was Hazel Tant of Totley AC, in a time of 38:37.

321 runners took part in the race, of which 28 were Striders. Well done to everyone who took part.

Pos Name Cat Time
16 Sam Needham M 36:00
24 Alasdair Menmuir M 37:56
40 Simon Bennett M40 39:07
51 Jason Brannan M40 40:12
53 Michael Timm M40 40:22
71 Joseph Buckman M 41:48
75 James Norton M 42:16
77 Phil Howson M40 42:33
81 Rob Davies M50 42:58
85 Nick Burns M40 43:05
100 Michael Squires M40 43:53
101 Caroline Brock W 43:56
120 Thomas McCart M 45:03
121 John Rawlinson M40 45:25
132 Simon Wiles M40 45:46
156 Emily Chaplais W 47:49
168 Lucy Broom W 48:27
171 Amy Housley W 48:42
176 Tom Nuttgens M50 48:54
180 Heather Wallis W 49:07
201 Victoria Hawkins W40 51:14
203 Adrian Moss M50 51:17
211 Mir Jansen W50 51:50
218 David Parry M60 52:18
235 Jill Davies W50 54:07
248 Naomi Rabin W 54:52
255 Blaine Quigley M40 55:26
280 Carol Beattie W60 59:46

Full results available here:

grindleford fell race


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