Grindleford Gallop

Race Date: Saturday 12th March 2016

The Grindleford Gallop is a 21 mile trail race with 3000 feet of climbing – a tough challenge with spectacular and varied scenery to enjoy for those that are able!

Joe Fowler of Sheffield Running Club was the race winner, with a time of 2:22:24. Kate Hastings of Totley AC was the female winner, with a time of 2:57:13.

386 runners completed the race, of which 21 were Striders.

Special mention goes to Alasdair Menmuir, for knocking a large margin off his 2015 time and being first Strider to finish. However, the competitive prize goes to Sian Evans and Rio Cooper who had an epic battle for position when Rio caught Sian in the final moments of the race. Sian finished a meagre 6 seconds ahead in the end. They finished 5th & 6th female respectively. Stunning peformances ladies!

P Name Cat Time
35 Alasdair Menmuir M 02:55:20
58 Sian Evans F 03:07:02
59 Rio Cooper F 03:07:08
61 Andrew Davies MV40 03:07:37
64 Gareth Hague M 03:08:45
96 Stephen Clarke M 03:21:22
97 Sergei Shkul M 03:21:25
99 Sam Needham M 03:22:13
105 Paul Johnson M 03:24:27
110 Ben Heller MV50 03:25:26
116 Nick Burns MV40 03:26:51
123 John Rawlinson MV40 03:27:53
129 Ian Stinson MV40 03:28:31
141 James Norton M 03:32:22
180 Martyn Goldsack M 03:41:50
196 Joseph Buckman M 03:46:41
215 Jimmy Sharman M 03:49:36
259 Roger Watson MV40 04:03:16
281 Richard Clamp MV40 04:10:15
291 Naomi Rabin F 04:14:08
318 Thomas McCart M 04:24:54

Full results available via

Sian looking strong at Chatsworth…


Photo courtesy of Laura Pope.

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