Hillsborough Strength and Speed Sept/Oct Schedule

Below are the details for the Thursday night Hillsborough strength and speed sessions through September and October 2016.

Note: The leading of this group will be on a volunteer and rota basis.  If you would like to get involved in leading and taking these sessions please get in touch with Mick Wall via the contact form.

Date Session Description, (recovery) and [location]
25-Aug-16 Long Hills 5 x 3 mins (jog recovery) [Herries Road]
01-Sep-16 Tennis Court Paarlauf 30 minute paired session [Tennis Court Loop]
08-Sep-16 Short Slow Hills 12 x 1 min hills (1:30 recovery) [Swings upwards]
15-Sep-16 High Intensity 30 8 x 30 secs (2 min recovery) [Bin to bin uphill]
22-Sep-16 Langsett Ave Test 6 Efforts (jog recovery) [Don/back, Marcliffe/back, Grove/back, Milden/back, Airedale/back, TOP]
29-Sep-16 Big Loop Pyramid 1 min, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1 (1 min recovery) [Big loop from swings]
06-Oct-16 Walkley Hills 7 Efforts (jog recovery) [Palm, Carr, Hoole, Burgoyne, Hoole, Carr, Palm]
13-Oct-16 High Intensity 10 10 x 10 secs (2 min recovery) [Swings path towards Arena]
20-Oct-16 Middlewood Hills 7 Efforts (jog recovery) [Carlton, Crofton, Darwin, Harris, Darwin, Crofton, Carlton]
27-Oct-16 Big Loop Paarlauf (800m) 30 minute paired session [Big loop from swings]
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