Long Distance Strider (LDS) update – June 2016

Well, eventually I’ve managed to get it up to date. Blimey, June was a busy month. Anyway, it’s amazing what school holidays can do so for your own pleasure and delight, please find attached June’s LDS up to and including all races (that I know of) to the end of June 2016.

As usual, if there is anything missing or incorrect, please let me know either by the dropdown menu or on Facebook.

The Women

Naomi Rabin continues her surge for her first LDS championship and takes top spot from Jen Rich – although there’s not much in it, 209.8 plays 193.5. I’m sure Jen could knock a couple of half marathons out to put her back in contention. Emma Beer is dropping off the pace in third with 150 miles.

The Men

Phil ‘I can still come up with new excuses’ Howson has regained top spot from yours truly after running every race he can find on 10 seconds of sleep. However, he is concened that ‘the walkers’, that’s ultra runners not zombies, will be catching him soon. Phil is the first to break 300 miles this year, so hats off to him. He’s on 305.4 miles, I’m just behind him on 292.2 with James ‘the walker’ Fletcher (Phil’s term not mine, I hasten to add) in 3rd place on 247.7 miles.

Please see full excel file below.

Long Distance Strider – End of June

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