Monday Night Slow Group Rota – Winter 2016

As of Monday 17th October 2016 and throughout the winter we are going to use a series of 6 set routes for the slow/beginner/newcomer group on Monday Night at Heeley.

The aim of this is to provide routes that are only between 6 and 7 miles long so that we make a commitment to only running the pace and distance we advertise on the website on the Monday night Heeley page.  So around 60 to 70 minutes (approx 10:00 min/mile to 12:00 min/mile depending on the route).

  • Route 1: Bramall Lane, Waitrose, Glossop Road, Endcliffe Vale, Fulwood Road
  • Route 2: Albert Road, Gleadless Road, Norton Avenue, Hemsworth Road, Warminster Road
  • Route 3: Archer Road, Abbey Lane, Ecclesall Road, Psalter Lane
  • Route 4: Sharrow Vale Road, Ecclesall Road, Ringinglow Road, Bents Road, Millhouses Lane, Abbeydale Road
  • Route 5: Abbeydale Road, Dobcroft Road, Ecclesall Road, Abbey Lane, Archer Road
  • Route 6: Cherry Street, Shrewsbury Road, Attercliffe, Bernard Street, Cricket Inn Road, Woodburn Road, Worthing Road, Furnival Road, Sheaf Street, Bramall Lane

If you click on the links above, it will show you a detailed map of the route in either Map My Run or Strava.

There is obviously the chance of 12 routes as all the above could be run in reverse.

To support this change, we have a rota of volunteers that will lead the group throughout the winter.

Date Leader Back-up Route
17/10/2016 Jill Davies Becky Chapman Route 1
24/10/2016 Mir Jansen Nancy Stuart Route 2
31/10/2016 Jill Davies Emma Portus Route 3
07/11/2016 Hannah Milton Mir Jansen Route 4
14/11/2016 Jill Davies Andy Woffindin Route 5
21/11/2016 Jimmy Sharman Hannah Milton Route 6
28/11/2016 Jill Davies Stuart Jones Route 1
05/12/2016 Matt Rimmer Jimmy Sharman Route 2
12/12/2016 Jill Davies Andy Woffindin Route 3
19/12/2016 Andy Woffindin Kevin Rains Route 4
26/12/2016 Jill Davies Tom Nuttgens Route 5
02/01/2017 Stuart Jones Andy Woffindin Route 6
09/01/2017 Jill Davies Jimmy Sharman Route 1
16/01/2017 Becky Chapman Stuart Jones Route 2
23/01/2017 Jill Davies Hannah Milton Route 3
30/01/2017 Emma Portus Matt Rimmer Route 4
06/02/2017 Jill Davies Mir Jansen Route 5
13/02/2017 Becky Chapman Emma Portus Route 6
20/02/2017 Jill Davies Nancy Stuart Route 1
27/02/2017 Phillipa Penman Becky Chapman Route 2
06/03/2017 Jill Davies Matt Rimmer Route 3
13/03/2017 Tom Nuttgens Phillipa Penman Route 4
20/03/2017 Jill Davies Kevin Rains Route 5
27/03/2017 Kevin Rains Matt Rimmer Route 6
03/04/2017 Jill Davies Phillipa Penman Route 1
10/04/2017 Nancy Stuart Tom Nuttgens Route 2

At the end of this rota we intend revert to a similar set of routes together with some off road sections for the summer months.

If you have any questions regarding this new group and regime change, please contact the Training, Coaching and Venues team via the Contact Form.

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