North Lincolnshire Half Marathon

Race Date: Sunday 15th May 2016

The North Lincolnshire Half Marathon is a fast, flat race ideal for PB hunters. Most of the course is on wide, open Lincolnshire farmland near Scunthorpe, so there would be potential for issues with the wind – but the still, sunny conditions on Sunday were ideal for all concerned. A stark contrast to the rain in 2015! It was on the warm side however, as a certain Strider discovered. She gave us a scare at the end, but still has a time in the official stats!

The winner was Tim Hartley of Notts AC in a time of 1:09:31. The winning lady was Jane Potter of Charnwood AC, in a time of 1:14:38. 1694 runners finished the race, of which 31 were Striders.

There were some incredible times posted, as well as a clutch of new PBs for a fair few – some by significant margins! The times speak for themselves really, but particular congratulations are due to Robert Foster and James Rose for dipping as far as they did under 80 minutes, Michael Richardson and Nick Burns for going sub 90 for the first time, and Emma Portus for dipping below 130 minutes for the first time. Well done to everyone concerned, and commiserations if you didn’t quite get the time you were after – you still did really well!

A few of us just before the start:


Pos Name Cat Chip Time
19 Robert FOSTER SEN 01:16:57
20 James ROSE SEN 01:17:24
47 Sam Needham SEN 01:21:20
56 Luke DESFORGES V45 01:22:40
66 Louis WOOD SEN 01:23:38
68 Jorge BRONZE SEN 01:23:45
82 KEVIN SIBLEY V40 01:24:23
86 Edward STARTUP SEN 01:24:43
87 Tim HOLT SEN 01:24:53
105 Stuart CARRACK SEN 01:26:08
143 Michael RICHARDSON V40 01:28:54
147 Nick BURNS V45 01:29:08
162 Jennifer RICH SEN 01:29:33
201 James OGDEN SEN 01:31:09
214 John Armitage V45 01:32:11
219 Charlotte SPENCER SEN 01:32:17
229 Sam Paymanfar V40 01:32:44
267 ADAM MCAULEY V45 01:35:09
270 Phil Howson V45 01:35:39
416 Roger Watson V40 01:40:09
497 Ashleigh Barron SEN 01:43:07
530 John WALKER V50 01:44:01
651 Javier ROMERA SEN 01:46:48
657 David HEWITT V60 01:48:00
706 John LIDDLE V45 01:49:20
730 David BAILEY SEN 01:50:06
828 Lee KENTON SEN 01:53:14
1235 Loz Harvey V40 02:07:02
1290 Emma Portus SEN 02:09:20
1291 Nick Portus SEN 02:09:21
1301 Nancy STUART V35 02:09:58
1361 Matthew MELLA SEN 02:11:51

Full results can be found here:

Photo courtesy of the Scunthorpe Telegraph.

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