Northern Vets Track Result

Race Date: Wednesday 6th July 2016

A lovely summers evening welcomed the third of the four Northern Vets track league meetings back to St Mary’s Stadium at Cleckheaton.

This was meeting number four in my fledgling midlife crisis 100m/200m career and minimal progress had been made to date having ran 13.1, 13.0, 13.1 for 100m and 26.9, 26.8, 26.7 for 200m in previous races.

Upon arrival at the track I noticed familiar faces so there was some chat beforehand. Only 15 people were running 100m across all age groups so I, as a younger looking fella was asked to go in the A race. Problem with this was that I now know how fast some of these guys are. So a tough race was on the cards.

Crouched there with mind whirring I was focusing on a good start, stay low, then be relaxed from 50m onwards.

None of that happened as I gave most of my opponents a few yards start as I totally missed the gun. I felt i’d risen too quickly and then felt strained and thrashy through the finish. In the end I finished fifth from sixth in what I already knew was going to be a pacy race. The only positive I took from the performance was that once I’d got to around 30m no one went away from me.

I honestly felt like it was the worst of my four runs at the distance and was pretty down on myself. Because there is no electronic timing you don’t find out the results for quite a while as they have to be relayed back to the HQ hut and taped up on the wall. Anyway, I was in no rush to see them.

So onto the 200m. In previous reports you’ll remember that I just don’t get out quickly, seemingly hold something back then come strong, but usually too late down the back straight. Again, conscious of this I tried to put a bit more in early doors this time around. I had a guy on my inside who I knew was quick from the 100m and he came past me looking serene in no time at all. It wasn’t until after the race that he told us he ran the 400m hurdles at the Commonwealth Games in his pomp. <eek!> Back to the race, the only other guy ahead of me as we came round the bend was a chap on my outside. He was my target, but my slow start had done me again. Despite my best efforts and catching him with every stride I couldn’t get close enough.

So again, felt pretty disappointed with the run. Much chatter after the race with people more than willing to give advice on training etc. Seems a world away from what you expect in cut-throat top class racing. People here just seem happy to be still racing at their age. Stories of not running track since school (like me), talk of heart procedures and running after strokes makes it sound like an episode of Casualty.

With the 200m over I reluctantly made my way to the HQ hut to see the results and I could not believe my eyes.

I honestly thought i’d be well down on my 13.1/13.0 usual times, but i’d managed to run 12.8. Jeez, i’m a sub 13 second 100m runner now!! Shocked, shocked and more shocked!

P Name Club Cat Time
1 Craig Pounder City of York M40 12.3
2 Malcolm McPhail Northern Masters M45 12.4
3 Richard Higson-Blythe Wakefield Harriers M40 12.6
4 Paul Richardson Northern Masters M45 12.7
5 Mick Wall Steel City Striders M40 12.8
6 Leeroy Golding Pendle AC M45 13.3

And progress continues in the 200m with a new 26.5 PB. So that’s 26.9, 26.8, 26.7 and now 26.5. Its drawn out progress this getting faster, but i’m happy to take whatever progress I can. Again, did not expect that time at all.

P Name Club Cat Time
1 Malcolm McPhail Northern Masters M45 25.5
2 Paul Richardson Northern Masters M45 26.2
3 Mick Wall Steel City Striders M40 26.5
4 Andy Hunter Northern Masters M55 27.7

Much self assessment on the drive home though.

In summary:

  • My start/reaction times in both distances is woeful
  • I have no idea if my crouch position is anyway near correct
  • The acceleration phase in 100m is not great as I think I rise too early
  • I don’t go out hard enough in 200m
  • The top speed phases over both distances feel thrashy and not particularly relaxed

Apart from that, all is good, onwards and upwards!

Next meeting on the agenda is the fourth and final Northern Vets league fixture at Leigh Sports Village on Wednesday 27th July. Followed by the big target, the Yorkshire Vets Championships back at Cleckheaton on Sunday 25th September. So a couple of months to sort my shizzle out.

Full result available via Northern Vets Website and hopefully soon via Power of 10.

The start of the 100m B race

The start of the 100m B race

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