Peak Raid 3 Round 1 – Edale race report by Joe Buckman

Race Date: Sunday 23rd October 2016

Sunday 23rd October marked the first of the 2016 Peak Raid 3 events. This is a peak district series of score format 3 hour orienteering events. The aim of the event is to get to as many control points and get back to the start within 3 hours. But don’t be late as you get docked points for every minute over 3 hours you arrive back.

You can compete in these events solo, or in pairs. They are a great introduction to orienteering and very inclusive with a fantastic friendly atmosphere.

The first event in the series started in Edale at the village hall. I was running with Totley Runner, Jo Brown. Somewhere there was also Andy Buck, however we managed to somehow avoid each other for the full event.

After a quick loo stop and kit check (you have to carry all the usual FRA kit) we dibbed in at the start just past 9am and were given the map for the event. There were 15 controls ranging from 20 to 70 points each depending on distance away and difficulty to find. With a total of 500 points available over 3 hours, there were countless routes that could be taken with controls on Kinder to the North and Brown Knoll to the South.

Jo and I went North, Andy went South. Our route led us straight up onto the Kinder edge via a control under Ringing Rodger, picking our way through heather to a stream head where a control hung from the bottom of a lone tree. It was wet underfoot after recent rain making the continued climb through heather up to ringing roger a slippery affair. There were a few others taking the same start route as us all picking our own lines up. We figured after we had made our way up, there was some simple running to be had along the ridge on kinder to pick up a series of controls.

The light mists were down in the Edale valley treating us to an (initially) still morning with great views. Control 1 was hidden under a crag just off the edge. After dibbing in we had a 2km run or so along the main ridge path to the next control. Upon glimpsing it though we realised it was a technical one to get to. A lot of bum sliding ensued as groups of runners dropped off the edge of the ridge down into the basin where the control point was, to then climb straight back up again. Worth it for the elevated 50 points of the control.

Continuing along the ridge we picked up another couple of points. The wind now blowing behind us to push us along. We were aiming for one of the furthest points away down at a stream junction near Jacobs Ladder. Thanks to the soft hummocky ground running down the moor to the control felt like running on air bags, with a couple of comedy falls from hidden holes.

Now up by Jacobs ladder there was a straight forward path back home, but with an hour left still we realised we were way ahead of our estimated time. Picking up a couple of controls on the way back, we then cut off to do one short sharp hill to get one more a little out of the way before home. It looked like a lot of people had the same idea due to getting back to the finish a little early. With a final run to the finish, we came in 20 mins ahead of time which was a little frustrating.

We clocked up 265 points. The winner was Martyn James of Porter Valley Plodders managing to get an incredible haul of 475 points in 2 hours 57 mins, 57 secs. Andy Buck came in with a solid 320 points. Results are here.

Cold wet clothes and socks were swapped for warm and dry and off to the Old Nags Head for a pint and some lunch along with the inevitable comparing of routes and stories from the day.

Next stop for the Peak Raid is Glossop on Sunday 6th October, which will also mark the first time an orienteering event is included in the Striders Fell Championship Calendar. So there is no time better than now to give it a go. Sign up online at explorer events. Look forward to seeing everyone there.

There were 124 results (solo or teams) in total.

Striders Results:

Pos Name Cat Points
30 Andy Buck MV 50 320.00
59 Joe Buckman MX 265.00


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