Percy Pud 2016 Photos

Within this post we’ll try and keep track of all the photo collections that people have published.

Mick Wall Striders Official Flickr Page (254 photos)

Ian Fearn Percy Pud Flickr Album

Ian Fearn Striders PP Flickr Album

Mossie Net Photography Flickr Album by Steve Frith

Accelerate Facebook Collection

Mick Hall Photography 1000+ Collection

SI Events Photography

Alex Harding Facebook Gallery (700+ photos)

If you have a photo collection online that you wish to be added to the list, please send the url / link to

Ideally Flickr please as Facebook groups can’t always be accessed by the general public.

So please keep coming back to this post as we hope to add more photos over the coming days.

Note: Please don’t send individual photographs, unless you are submitting them for the Percy Pud Photo Competition, thank you.


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