Reykjavic Spring Half Marathon result

Race Date: Sunday 24th April 2016

Race Report from Joe Buckman

‘We represented the City of Sheffield Steel City Striders and Totley AC yesterday at the Reykjavik Spring Half Marathon in Iceland. Only a measly half compared to you full marathon runners today, but 2 Pb’s achieved regardless (and free beer and waffles at the end).’

20 euros for the half and 30 for the marathon. Not to be confused with the actual Reykjavik half marathon in August though. The one we did is a small event. It had just 200 runners and happens in April and October. It is an out and back route along the southern shore of Reykjavik all on park paths, so no road closures required. Quite a nice route but it was drizzly on the day so couldn’t see the mountains in the distance! Well organised though and a good atmosphere for a small event. Lots of free food and drink at the end. The official Reykjavik half marathon in August has around 2000 runners and is a loop around the city so will be more expensive because of road closure requirements. I would recommend though. It is a lovely city and very quick and easy to get out to some of the amazing scenery in Iceland to make the trip more worthwhile!

Luckily they were giving out free 5% beer and seemed to be no limit!

Mmmm. I have to say, the last sentence makes it even more appealing – Mr Pegg, charter the club a plane please!

Well done to Joe and Jo on their performances in the half. The race was won by Guoni Pall Palsson in 1.15.16. The first woman was Danielle Sansonetti in 1.26.40.

Striders Results:

Pos Name Cat Time
40 Joe Buckman M Sen 1.36.19

Official Results: Reykjavik spring half results




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